1 million

If I have 1 million .. I want to do a lot of thinks for example

First one; I want to give some money to the people they don’t have it.
and I want to buy sport care and big house.. also I want to start to open my company and I will be the boss in my company .. after that I’m gonna to be businessman and open a lot of restaurants and open company for cares.

If my money every month I have more ! I will give my money to the need it that first think I want to do if I have a lot of money , because this people the don’t have money to eat or they don’t have money to buy new close or home or care or shoes or anything .. because that we should to give them money because they need it ..

we are need the money but not like them ., I want build company for the people they need money or build housing complex for the homeless or the people they don’t have house or they can’t buy house.

this is what I hope to do.. also live a beautiful life simple ambition and serve they needy.

life is good guys.

Article written by Abdulaziz Alsalem

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