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If i have $1,000,000 USD!! to create my own business, i will thinking directly about something i dreamed to make it a real! first step i will open my first and last company that sell clothes, shoes, and maybe some of electronics, i will make for women everything is cheaper and for men is expensive, because it’s my company and i’m the manager. And from my business sure there is many goals to achieve it, by step by step i can achieve what i never can’t to make it for me, when someone dream to make something a real and the chance comes to him i think he will never lose it, this chance when it comes to me to get $1,000,000 i will open my business directly without thinking about what it will happen after that. I hope to own this business soon, and some days i will make it free for customers because i’m generous and they deserves. Anyway that it will be a dream until now, because i know i will never get $1,000,000 USD! because i trust my luck it will never be good, so i believe that but i hope so to create my own small business and make everyone happy from my offers.

Article written by hsalhemeiri

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  1. Abdullah Taher
    Abdullah Taher at |

    yes its your company you can do what ever you want , but let me advice you !
    you have to challenge all of other companies who’s make the stuff for men’s little cheaper than you :p
    focus at what good in business not what good for just woman , as I said its just advice ;D..

  2. Abdulah AlAbdulelah
    Abdulah AlAbdulelah at |

    LoOoOoOoOoL !!!! are you kidding !! you will lose your company like that’s because we also like shopping !!

    I suggest that to sell all thing cheaper for the both sex so you can be really RICH !

    but it’a really great to steal womans brain on a cheaper price so can get your first million very fast 8)

    you are really smart !

  3. Nawaf Alazemi
    Nawaf Alazemi at |

    you are the king do what you want no one can stoop you but you have to make it cheaper for us also because we are your friend he

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