My Favorite Place ( Rome , Italy )

My favorite place is Rome . I’m in love with Rome and i don’t know what is the reasons , I didn’t visit Rome but one of my goals is to visit Rome in the future . Rome is very Modern and old place there’s many things there , you can see the evolution of the new life and you can feel the old days because of the old places there , i know it’s hard to you to understand what is said but its something communicate with my soul maybe that’s why i love Rome i don’t know who to explain my feelings .

As you know one of the best restaurants in the world could be in Italy , Cafe’s sharing the style of Italy

, Old streets with the new touch , You can smell the Italy pizza ;p and nothing in my opinion just like Rome .

Rome club , The old Rome buildings , the style of the life there . Believe me its very difficult to say why Rome is my favorite place , I can find my state of mood in Rome , Sometimes you love something and you don’t know why , I think this is my best reason ..


By the way ( All roads lead to Rome )

Rome AdorazioneĀ 

Ponte Sant"Angelo



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Article written by Abdullah Taher

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  1. Omar AlMulla
    Omar AlMulla at |

    its really nice place , i visit roma last year its awesome šŸ™‚

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