Abdulrahman ALAZZAM

Riyadh it is more beautiful and the capital city in Saudi Arabia and they should developments because they have some problems .it has a lot of tourist places but they most be more developments the small thing because I think is not tourist city and they should be improvement be soft .I think Riyadh need improve the transportation and tourist places well be excellently because it the most thing in the city and help the people to make him to another place  and student and the company’s needed the transportations and the tourists it is of the important things.

Second, tourist places make a Riyadh look beautiful and stylish .It is necessary to have nice place to visit because make to people happy such as downtown or malls and these my opinion for tourist places


Finally Riyadh need more improve a small thing ,it has many advantage . I think Riyadh need improvement transportation and tourist places for the better. Some people don’t need more transportation because a lot of people in Riyadh had cars .

Article written by Abdulrahman Alazzam

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