The silent moment ;’)

welcome to my place , I have decided for three plans , The first plane it was going to United  kindom to visit my best friend . But when I called  to kniw if i can visit him or not , he said that i can’t because he is very  Busy for exams and presentations ! So I called him and I said that’s okay I will come to you in the next summer . Then I have decided to visit my brother in Arizona for one week but he said that he also had exams and he don’t have any breaks ..!  But he told me that he would come  to see me after he get any breaks . Now the only choice I have is to visit my parents and my country , but  they told me they won’t  be able to see me because they will travel to another country , it’s really boring  , so i have decided to stay at West Virginia the whole break , and i think that i will stay with my laptop and try to be friends  -.-! ,so I think I will stay at my apartment  for a long time , maybe I will try to discover any new places and I will try walking in this beautiful weather , next time I swear that any breaks will come I will flight fir  another plabet to spend my vocation there ! So yeah I just  stay at home and playing video games and that’s all , spending my night watching movies or anemia this week ..!

Article written by Abdulah AlAbdulelah

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  1. Faisal Alshehri
    Faisal Alshehri at |

    I feel so bad for you, but still Morgantown is beautiful town to stay in hole break 🙂

  2. Nawaf Alazemi
    Nawaf Alazemi at |

    hhhhhh, believe me this was the worst vacation in your whole life. I hope you enjoy next vacation good luck bro

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