Spring break

In the first day in the spring break I make meeting with my friends about the plan for the spring

no one have plan  but I’m  going to RCS to played soccer with anybody  Saturday morning going to walked in Morgantown

all the morning walked just at 4:45PM going to mall to  bought something like ball or clothes to 8:00 saw movie

Action Movie I love him because he is a very nice the name of movie Prison break after that back to home got to slept

Sunday I weak up at 2:00 pm and making  cup of coffee and go to my friends to played PS4 Monday and Tuesday and Wednesday

going to DC arrived In the night   and we booked a small hotel I can’t sleep because disturbance a lot of people   Tuesday want to river took pictures with the river and going to took the dinner in Mexican restraint i like this food but  nothing important  was making in DC just sleep and back to Morgantown at night and got to sleep .


Article written by Muath Abdullatif

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  1. Abdulah AlAbdulelah
    Abdulah AlAbdulelah at |

    cool man , I liked what did you do at the break . I think i’ll take the name of the movie and watch it in my house 🙂

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