Happy Spring Break

This spring break was so fun.  First, I went skiing on March 22.  I haven’t ever been skiing since I was  a child.  So it was difficult for me.  I was skking in the course for beginners.  However, it is surrounded with trees and vally.  I wasn’t able to stop by myself.  That was very scary! ;-(  But I was excited.

IMG_8405 IMG_7794 IMG_8066 IMG_8430

Secondly, I went to Disney world in Florida with my friends on March 23 to 28. Look at the second picture.  This is the hotel and so cute. 🙂  First day, I went to Hollywood Stadio in disney world.  I made the original T-shirt.  I love movies and There are many sets of movie.  That is why, it was so exciting!  Also, I met many characters. Mickey Mouse, Baymax and Donald Duck, and so on.  They are so cute.  Second day, I went to Animal Kingdom. There are many wonder animals.  Also, it was like jungle! I rid a roller coaster. It was so interesting!!  Third day, I went to Magic Kingdom. It was magical world and amazing!  The castle of Cindellera is marvelous and beautiful! 😀 The weather is almost good and warm. But sometimes it was rainy.  In the night, I watched a parade. It was beautiful. I stayed in the disney world for 12 hours of a day.  I was so tired,,, but it was wonderful moments!!

IMG_8740 IMG_8761 IMG_8881

Final day, I went to Universal Studio Florida.  I love Harry Potter!! So I had looked forward to go there.  It was so great and as if I visit to London.  I was able to make a lot of memory in this spring break!!


Article written by Yuki Nagashima

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    Akram Gierana at |

    Wooo , It’s amazing break I think you spent a special time their. I ‘m always planning to go thee but I’m afraid about the coast of the trip is it expensive.

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