I  went  to Florida with my husband , We went Lehigh Acres rented house it has swimming pool we sat  three days . It was beautiful house relaxation and enjoying. I went to Naples it is city amazing we went on cruise ship I saw dolphin and I went to beach after that we went to eat lunch in a restaurant red lobster my favorite .

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We come back the house in the Lehigh Acres.On Friday I went to Orlando we rented hotel after that I went to shopping with my husband .On Saturday we went to Universal bark it’s amazing the day was beautiful we rode games some of them frightful .It was a trip of the nicest trips which go. I liked the Florida it is nature and lovely everything .


This is the picture picked up the second day it was beautiful view, beautiful triply filled a fun.

Article written by Asma Saad

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  1. Nujood Alessa
    Nujood Alessa at |

    Florida in really beautiful state to spend spring break
    , i hope you had alot of fun there .

  2. Asma Alsuwayt
    Asma Alsuwayt at |

    good luck ,i hope you had a nice time.

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