My Spring Break

I think the spring break is a special week where we can flee to a beautiful place. At the first I don’t have any plan for trip. After that I would go to any place to take refresh and spend a good relaxing time.


First of all, we decided to go to Washington, D.C to spend all spring break over there and visit some of attractions places to exploring the city. Actually we had many activities. For example, I went to the White House to enjoy the amazing view and walking around the National Mall.

However, millions of people visit the National Mall and memorial parks during the year and take pictures on front of the White House. Also, there are a lot of parks and natural lakes and rivers.

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Secondly, there are some factors to help our plan for a great spring break in the capital of USA. One of the most active in the downtown is M- street in Dc it is a good place to visit. Also, we go to do shopping there because there are a lot of stores, cafes, and restaurants.


Finally, we had a great time before we came to study for exams. These days, we are planning for the summer break.

Article written by Asma Alsuwayt

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