New York city

Spring Break

I had a good time in my spring back, I went to New York with my family and my little daughter Sarah. New York it is very popular place and one of the most enjoyable place in the world.  I support everyone to visit it. it is very curded  place and there are a lot of nationality, you will found all the fishable brands so it is the place of sopping and the restaurant they have all can of food.

First of all, We stayed in the hotel on long island, this is my first area when I came to the US three years age.  we stay there for three night the hotel not that expensive and very convertible but the breakfast not bad. first day we went to Time Square, it is very nice area I enjoyed  looking to the building  and the design of the city specially at night it is interesting, they are liters everywhere and big screens on top of the building it an amazing to see. In the same day we went to the National September 11  Memorial, I feel very sad about what happened and all the people lost there live in that disaster day but when I saw the area and who they changed and the tow butterfat big black pools I can not describe my feeling so how bitter than before I visit the memorial. second day, we went to the Battery Park to take a bout trip to see the Stature of Liberty and Governor’s Island it an amazing view have never been see it in my live, I took a lot of picture for me and my family. Second day afternoon we went to United Nations it was so exciting.

Finally, I spent good time there and I’m ready to stare classes again I feel refreshment and I hope very one spend good time in this break too.


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Article written by Akram Gierana

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  1. Abdullah Taher
    Abdullah Taher at |

    Good decision , NEWYORK very nice city . Enjoy your life my brother ..

  2. Asma Alsuwayt
    Asma Alsuwayt at |

    I hope you enjoyed .

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