Spring break 15

Where did you go  in spring break ? Will I didn’t go anywhere I stayed in Morgantown for the hole break except for one day I went to Pittsburgh

for first time I went there cross the tonal and I see the beautiful view in Pittsburgh and anyway Morgantown had fickle weather in hole spring break and that’s something not new for people in Morgantown, I had planes to go to New York and Washington but the hotels were full and the hole plan canceled and I’m have planning to travel between the spring and the summer and I hope it won’t cancel.

What did you do ? Will I didn’t do anything awesome to share but I in one day I decide to have fun and went out and have some chilled some BBQ and bought some games for Xbox  so I don’t feel boring.


How did you feel ? Nothing to say but I feel so bored because my all plane get canceled and stayed for 10 days in Morgantown actually not 10 days it’s 9 days because I traveled for 1 day and I have an advice who’s ever thinking to stay in Morgantown during the breaks you going to feel so bored because there are nothing to do. and in the end

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Article written by Faisal Alshehri

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  1. Akram Gierana
    Akram Gierana at |

    Take it essay man, we have just month left for the long break so you can have lot of fine man.

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