Spring break ( DC , Pittsburgh )

Spring break .

It was very good spring break , all of us need that break because we want to stop studying a little bit and take a rest from everything . most of us put some plans to hangout or travel away from Morgantown . from my side it was a normal spring break because all what I need is to take a rest , one of my best plans in the spring break at the first days just to sleep and went to the gym try to change my mood and have some of good personal time .

stay away from everything which I mean specifically the IEP so after the tuff time with the studying and thinking about the bad grades , I want to have a nice time so I decided with my friends to go to DC . It’s very nice place capital of USA all what you can find there is all about the business but there are some places we went to such as the white house and some malls . cafes and the weather was a little bit cold but we like it , we visited all Starbucks there  ..untitled

Pittsburgh is very nice city you can see some buildings and stay away from the rural place such as Morgantown , some times you miss the city and  the life style over there but you can feel it in Pittsburgh ..

I hope you all have a nice time in your life .

Article written by Abdullah Taher

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