At the first of the spring break i went to D.C  .  I  went to DC with my friends . I went to white house and many places . After that i went to very expensive restaurant and we let my friend abdulla pay the check . after that i went again to morgantown and i booked my ticket to NYC for the next day . In the morning i take the cap to morgantown airport in the morning .


I just arrive to NYC and i take cap to my hotel . My hotel its in times square . in the first 2 days i went to 5 avu street . that street its full of mani malls and shopping stores . I came back to the hotel with 10 bags full of clothes by horse cart i rent it from the street . That was awesome first 2 days in new York that not all . in the third day i spend my day just walking in times square and take gifts to my little brothers . And in the last day i spend my day my practicing my hobby ”photography” . I visit the most famous building in NYC and i take many awesome pictures for the buildings and street . And i try the subway ‘ train’ and i lost i take 2 hours to get to my hotel . This was my spring break i had fun .



Article written by Omar AlMulla

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  1. Nawaf Alazemi
    Nawaf Alazemi at |

    I hope you enjoyed your vacation and I wish I could visit New York because it is an incredible place specifically times square.

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