My Trip

first of all, i went to DC because I want to meet one of my friends.We were planing to spend the first two days there and the rest of the break in florida.we visited some of the scientific museums and the white house in DC.We traveled to florida on monday. we spent two days in orlando and 3 days in Miami beach. we decided to go there because of the warm weather.Also, we know some of our friends there and we met with them. we visit some of the famous places in orlando which is universal and Disney land .After that we rent a car and we drove three hours to Miami beach. we spent the rest of the break there. we really enjoyed the weather and the beach. we did a lot of activities in Miami like skydiving,tubing,and swimming.Moreover, Miami has a lot of arabic restaurants which is a good thing we do not have it in Morgantown. We had the best trip together especially with my old friends.Having a break for a whole week is a good thing to relax and refresh your mind.Finally,I think that we had the best break with our friends and we hope that we can get together again and have another nice trip.

Article written by Abdulrahman Alazzam

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