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I would like to write about my spring break trip. It was perfect and I like it because I visited my family and my relatives. I was wondering where can I spend my holiday so, I chose to back to my country. I didn’t tell anybody that I will back so, I make it a surprise and it was a fantastic surprise. Now, I’m going to talk about places that I visited.

First, I visited Avenues mall and I’m sure that all  Kuwaiti students know it is the biggest mall in the middle east. I ate from a nice and beautiful restaurant it called Maki. Maki is a Japanese restaurant so, I tried a different kind of sea food.

second, I visited a lot of government places to edit my name in my cards because my name in my I.D is different from my passport. It was tiring trip because I didn’t stay a lot of time with my family.The most thing make me feel happy that every day my friends or my relatives do a dinner for me and that was a great thing make me feel happy.

Finally, our vacation was only 10 days so, I stayed with my mother for a lot of time because I know that I will leave soon but, There is one thing that I would like to add it. When you see your mother smile and happy when she saw you this thing make you feel like you own this world or it seem like this world between your hands. I hope our classmates enjoyed this vacation and break their routine  and I hope god save our mothers and bless them.

Article written by Nawaf Alazemi

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  1. hsalhemeiri
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    That’s nice choice i hope you enjoyed visiting your family

  2. Asma Alsuwayt
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    Hope you had a great time with your family.

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