My vacation


I would like to talk about my vacation, and what i did..

First i went to Cancun with three of my friends, the first thing i did in Cancun that i put my luggage and go to take a look around my hotel, i stayed there for 7 days it was the best vacation ever that i had, I do some activities on the beach and it was awesome. I feel nothing just all of my mind in this journey, i think Cancun is a student city, because i saw many students from WVU. I going to describe what i do in this journey, in first day i faced new people because never i see like this mixecan people, then i used to face them and enjoy in those days, 7 days they cross fast, but either i enjoy at all. Last 4 days it was the best days because i had to go everywhere before the vacation it’s over, i can describe more because there is more things i would to say it or talk about, and i didn’t take pictures in Cancun because i got all of my time there to had fun only.T hat’s all what i did in Cancun the last thing i did there is sleep for 11 hours, because past 6 days it was the very double tired and i had fun there.



Article written by hsalhemeiri

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