My Spring break

At the first day of my Spring Break , I stayed home. The first thing that I did I slept most of the day because I did not have anything else to do. I watched the fault in our stars with my friends Hala, Wessam, and Raneem in Hollywood theater, before we packing It was so amazing! Then we ate at Lebanese bistro It was delicious. The very next day we went to Los Angeles with my friends to have fun. We arrived safely then we took a taxi to our hotel. After that we get ready to go to Disneyland It was amazing I saw a lot of my favorite Disneyland character, then we went to Zait and zaatar restaurants It was good. After that we went back to the hotel to spend  the second day well. At the second we went to Santa Monica Pier and we played on the beach and It was so fun, then I met my close friend I was so happy because I did not see her before two years ago. At the last day I went to my uncle house and stayed there one night with them, my uncle cooked for me pizza it was good, I really enjoyed all the  time in Los Angeles and I hope that I come back to visit my friends and my uncle.



Article written by Sarah Alabdullatif

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