Abdullah A.

The silent moment ;’)

welcome to my place , I have decided for three plans , The first plane it was going to United  kindom to visit my best friend . But when I called  to kniw if i can visit him or not , he said that i can’t because he is very  Busy for exams and presentations ! So I […]

A world from my imagination !!

A world from my imagination !!

     My favorite place will be in my imagination . because I like to make actions and stories inside my head . so I am mostly thinking about a new planet , Divided into four zones . The first zone will be a really huge garden with all kinds of  food and  fruit and big space  for me and […]

two life in one live !



Hello world ! You know who I am already ! So lets just start now :


If I get $1,000,000 USD ! I will start  my own crazy business ! However .. I love imagine things when I have a free time ! So I will open a new company that’s employ all people who like to imagine things and they want to see that in the real life !! So what I’ll do its really different and new in the same time , We will work to create a new rooms and glasses with some sound effects are a powerful high-tech  and many complexes things that can help anybody want to live in his own world and can feel it by touching things .


However .. that’s my idea : Live two life in a different way , The real life is really boring , And sometimes you want to try many crazy thing .. But you can’t !! Maybe because of money or there is no safety in what you want to do .. So this invention can change the world , But in the same time we still have to work harder to build this city of two world !! Just thinking about that !! You can do whatever you want to do and you can feel that its just like a real life but in the same time its not !

I know that’s hard to believe .. But just wait and you will see .

In the end , I choose that business because I want to create a new life .

I hope you enjoy reading that .. don’t be shy and gives a comments * just kidding * XD no no really 🙂 say something 8) .