New York city

New York city

Spring Break I had a good time in my spring back, I went to New York with my family and my little daughter Sarah. New York it is very popular place and one of the most enjoyable place in the world.  I support everyone to visit it. it is very curded  place and there are a lot of nationality, you will found all […]

My favorite Place (Maldives Islands)

Maldives Islands

One of the places I would love to visit is Maldives Islands,I like to be away from busy and crowded cities, so I am thinking to go to a place where can I feel the clear air and the sunny weather, I like a place where they are not any streets or roads and cars,there are only sand and pristine water and swaying palms.
Maldives is an island in the Indian Ocean and in the Arabian Sea, it’s the smallest country in Asia it is just north of the Equator,I love the isolated islands there are about 1.200 separated into Ocean, with swaying palms and sandy pure white beaches and deep-blue sea.
I admire tropical weather and breezy wind especially at night,I feel free from depression and stress of modern live in cities, I love the idea of be secluded.
Resorts of Maldives are every active with water activities like underwater activity by divers world .

The unique beauty of the Maldivian there are a lot of thighs you can do a spa,tanning,relaxing so beaches all wrapped in the luxurious comfort live ,it will keep you looking to have the experience again,

Many of the resorts in the Maldives are especially designed for families there are many activities that children can enjoy, these resorts lets you make the Maldivian experience a family one so I am paling to go with my family.

Finally.I encourage every one to go there to try the experience. if you are the one who love pure white beaches surrounded by palms tree ,then the Maldives Islands will a place like to visit.




Sport Caffe stars

Sport Cafe Stars IF I have $1,000,000 I’ll open my one dream business, “Sport Cafes stars” this’s the place where you can spend special time for the people who admire sport and fine time. So it’s public place where you see your friends and your famous star player. First of all. I love all kind of […]