My Own Business

Prompt #1

My own business

If I get a one million. First, I will give 100,000 Dollar to one of the charities. Then I will buy a garage to work with engines. The garage will be very big and I will try to have a small dealer that salles and buy used car. I will make the dealer just for […]

My Own Business

If I have 1million dollars, I would like to create my own business in fashion. I want open a Fashion Boutique that will be a big building .That building has tow parts. The first part, clothes design I will manage this part with the help of special Experts to following the world fashion for the development of this business […]

my own business

my own business

  If someone give me 1000000$ to do my own business I will build a charity hospital in Africa in Djibouti specifically  for poor people to treat them and take care of them without any price after I finish my study in the medicine to mange this hospital. there are many reasons make me chose this thing. the […]

Sport Caffe stars

Sport Cafe Stars IF I have $1,000,000 I’ll open my one dream business, “Sport Cafes stars” this’s the place where you can spend special time for the people who admire sport and fine time. So it’s public place where you see your friends and your famous star player. First of all. I love all kind of […]

My own business

If I got 1 million dollar, I am going to open a business called the seven stars hotel tower of Almuhanna that exposed to the beach. Also, the hotel has a gym, swimming pool, and it has an exit that drives you to the mall. It is going to be a good idea and people will […]

1 million

If I have 1 million .. I want to do a lot of thinks for example First one; I want to give some money to the people they don’t have it. and I want to buy sport care and big house.. also I want to start to open my company and I will be the […]

my business

If i have 1,000,000 I will start my business helping poor people and I will build schools and hospitals for them and will help anyone you need help and i will start small company helping the poor For the money. and i will start big company somewhere and hope it will has a good in com.

my own business

If i have $1,000,000 USD!! to create my own business, i will thinking directly about something i dreamed to make it a real! first step i will open my first and last company that sell clothes, shoes, and maybe some of electronics, i will make for women everything is cheaper and for men is expensive, […]

two life in one live !



Hello world ! You know who I am already ! So lets just start now :


If I get $1,000,000 USD ! I will start  my own crazy business ! However .. I love imagine things when I have a free time ! So I will open a new company that’s employ all people who like to imagine things and they want to see that in the real life !! So what I’ll do its really different and new in the same time , We will work to create a new rooms and glasses with some sound effects are a powerful high-tech  and many complexes things that can help anybody want to live in his own world and can feel it by touching things .


However .. that’s my idea : Live two life in a different way , The real life is really boring , And sometimes you want to try many crazy thing .. But you can’t !! Maybe because of money or there is no safety in what you want to do .. So this invention can change the world , But in the same time we still have to work harder to build this city of two world !! Just thinking about that !! You can do whatever you want to do and you can feel that its just like a real life but in the same time its not !

I know that’s hard to believe .. But just wait and you will see .

In the end , I choose that business because I want to create a new life .

I hope you enjoy reading that .. don’t be shy and gives a comments * just kidding * XD no no really 🙂 say something 8) .