my favorite place

   I love to travel  around the world . My favorite place in the  whole world that i never been there  is hawaii  .I really want to be there . specially in  the beautiful beach with a gold and hot sand .  I heard that, there are a lot off flower  with a fragrance   […]

my own company

If i have $1,000,000 i,ll open my own business,”fit club”.This is the  first place you can see all facilities that you need for the best shape of your body ,such as some place for food diet another one for calculated BMI and recommended the helpful  practice for the best result .I think one more important […]


L’Oreal is  my favorite cosmetics because   i used it for many years ago ,the quality not change  at all. L’Oreal is a  dermatological  product to us for  recovery treatment and leaving your skin perfectly cleansed and feeling good.The L’Oreal Group is a French cosmetics and beauty company.” the company founded by a young chemist man […]