Criteria 1 2 3 4
Quantity Blog was between 1 and 99 words Blog was between 100 and 149 words Blog was between 150 and 199 words Student reached 200 words or more
Content Student barely answered the prompt, or wrote something irrelevant Student could have written a better response or answered more of what the prompt wanted Student’s response to the prompt was thoughtful but not entirely complete Student wrote a very thoughtful response to the blog prompt; all questions were answered
Quality It is difficult to understand this student’s blog There are many errors with either grammar, punctuation, or spelling Grammar, punctuation, and spelling are very good though there are a few errors Grammar, punctuation, and spelling are close to perfect.
Other Student did not follow any rules given in the prompt Student forgot to select more than one category or did not follow other assignment rules Student forgot one other rule from assignment but was otherwise fine Student correctly selected both relevant categories and followed other rules given
Comment Comment did not show that the reader understood the blog and was otherwise too generic Comment was thoughtful but was slightly lacking in evidence that the reader fully understood the blog Comment was slightly lacking in thoughtfulness but did reveal that the reader understood the blog Comment is thoughtful, genuine, and shows the reader that they read and understood the blog