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The mysteries natura phenomena

There are a lot mysteries in the life that usually takes away our sleep, I think that one of the most incredible sources of big mysteries may be the nature, just like when occurs big storms and a hurricane destroy a lot of thinks lifting only some special building inteire, just as churches and places with deep means to human beings. For example, I’ve already heard about big earthquakes that destroyed a lot of buildings and killed a lot people and only a church stayed entire, so in these cases we keep think, is just a coincidence or there really is a divine force behind that to keep everything up. We’ll never know because these phenomena are so much complex to understand by the science, so while we are only able to imagine about that.

Dark Night

In this life there are many mysterious things happen with the humans, I think this things happen because of Jinn, I believes there is jinn in this life. I had a mysterious thing happen with me, my father has a big farm with villa in rural area there is no one around us just a scary wild. One night I was there with my family, it was very dark night even you cannot see your nose without light. My sister was playing with her cousins, she was nineteen years old. When she was playing I heard her screaming I went to her and I saw her face, it was “yellow like a lemon” I asked her what happened but she didn’t answer me and I asked my cousins and they said someone knocked the door and said to her open the door and when she opened the door she didn’t see anyone. While my sister was screaming my dogs was barking very hard, I opened the door and I didn’t find anyone and my father go out with his gun and shouted many times in the air without now who is there. This was my mysterious story in my life even know we didn’t know if my sister was fancied if it was real.

my horror story

Around the world there is a lot of horror stores. I would like to talk about my Experiences with the ghost that I saw back home. Three years ago I was going out with my family to our farm, then when we arrived to the farm I felt like there is something walking by my side in the farm, I went to tell my parents that I think that was a ghost walking behind me, they laugh at me because they think that I’m lying, but I was not lying I felt the ghost. Next day in the farm I woke up early in morning and I went to feed the animals and I swear I felt him again siting next to me. I stopped feeding the animals and I run back to my family. In the night of the day I was walking in the farm with my cousin, and we heard a sound from far a way saying words I don’t understand, and suddenly I saw something In front me again but this time I want to see who’s there, so I followed the sound till I saw something really scared a lot of sounds and a lot of things moving, I got scared and I run back, this was my horror story.

The hidden cell-phone

I would like to share with you a funny mysterious experience that happened to me back home in Saudi Arabia before I came to the United states. First, I was driving my car and checking my cell phone at the same time, so I decided to leave my phone till I arrive to my destination and focus with the road. After that, I stopped at signal light and  I looked for my phone but I didn’t see it, so I just kept driving when the signal turned green and I was saying to my self, it should be somewhere under the seats and I had a strange feeling at the same time like I will never find it. Next, the astonishing thing that when I arrived, I started to look for it under and between the seats but I didn’t see it. I became upset and nervous because I was wondering where would my cell phone gone since I was alone inside the car and I didn’t stop on any place but  the destination that I was going for. Finally, the next day after the weird missing for my cell phone I decided to take my car to a garage and ask them to take out all the car seats so I can see it. I was expecting to see it but the strange thing that I never seen it till today and I paid for the garage for nothing.

Life Mysteries

There was this one time when I went to an island near Kuwait called ‘Failaka’. I went with my friends, as it was my first experience going outside of the country without my family. We had a lot of fun with the buggies and jet skis, but there was something that I’ve never seen before. One day, I and my friends decided to go to an old school that had no one in it. As soon as I walked in, my friend heard a noise that none of us noticed, and he began to worry. As he turned back to reach for the door, it closed. Now, we realized that there was something out of the ordinary with this school. We weren’t sure about what to do next, so we just carried on. Soon, we began to hear glass breaking, along with occasional screams. The screams sounded as if children were screaming, rather than adults. This was too much for us to handle, so we found the nearest window and jumped off the first floor. We never came near to that school ever again, as it was the most terrifying experience any of us had ever had. This story was told by my friend it may not true.

The Headless Mule

The headless mule is a legend of Brazilian folklore, originated in the colonial era, which says that if a woman keep a loving relationship with a priest, she would be transformed into a monster: a mule, brown or black, which has in its hooves horseshoes which can be of steel or silver and has fire instead of head.

It is believed that the legend was originated in Catholic populations while the priest should be seen as a saint. Therefore, any woman who had a desire for him would receive that curse.

Some people swear they have seen and heard the creature and said its neighing is too high that can be heard from far and sometimes can moan like a crying woman.

According to the legend, the cursed woman becomes a mule on Thursday night to Friday, mainly when it is Full Moon. And there are two ways to break the curse: boot the halter she owns or stick it, taking at least one drop of your blood.

There is no evidence or proof of the headless mule’s existence, just reports, but we can’t just ignore this mystery that is well known through the whole country and has similar myths in the surrounding Hispanic countries.


a terrible day

First of all, last year i had a small vacation,it between 5 to 10 days.In the beginning,I met with my friends to let my friends that we must go their at 5 p.m.When we finish meeting that every one went home to complete them things and worked to be ready to go.After that we went out at 5 p.m,we had fun on the trip.after arrived, we camping in the special place that every one didn’t know us.At midnight we feel that we were hungry,so i told my friends that we need some wood to make a fire,so they said that I must do this job and I accept that.Then when i went out i felt a cold weather, and all of place was very dark and frightening.I felt some frequency about that but i told my self that i must do my job.After that,when i went so far from located of my friend,i heard some one that he called my name but i completed my road to collect the wood.When i collect some wood,i saw some one very frightening that he was not from humanity,and it said i would kill you but i was very lucky because one of my friends came to me that he wanted to help me.So it was disappear.

This is one of my terrible day in my life.

The strangest thing

Hello everyone..

Actually i have not seen a ghost or UFO also i have never heard any experiences for anybody for our family, but my grandfather told me and my cousins about story happened when he moved on a new city with his family because his boss insisted to move him to another city , thus he lived in a new neighborhood, and new neighbors and unfortunately he was not knowing anybody , there were not any friends relatives, so everything was new for him and his family. Unfortunately he bought house beside someone else and my grandfather said he has not seen a stranger neighbor like him, my grandfather noticed something someday in the midnight he heard strange voices in his neighbor’s house but there was not anybody living there !!. Then that thing has been doing for a month , then my grandfather and his family became afraid of their neighbor, and someday in the morning my grandfather went to police station to tell them there is something strange happing every night in that house, and after intensive investigations about the house. After some weeks after special investigations , police attacked the house and they found out people belong to Satanic group there was evoking demons and they get arrested after all these things my grandfather to his old city.

The Farm

When I was 17 I was hanging out with my friends. We were talking and decided to go to a ghost farm. We heard so many stories about this farm and that it was haunted. When we got there it was so dark, we couldn’t see anything. We brought our flashlights from the car and started walking towards the farm. We were so anxious, even stepping on the tree branches frightened us. Once we got to the farm we didn’t know how we were going to get it. The wind started to get more aggressive and we were all scared. At this point we didn’t know whether we were going to go in the farm or not. We decided since we came all the way, we’d do what we came to do. We found a window on the side of the farm that was broken out. We climbed through the window, and we were all standing inside. There was dirt everywhere, old hay. The whole place smelled disgusting, we could barely take the smell. We were walking around when all of us heard a voice, someone saying leave now. We frantically started looking all around us, but saw nothing. Then, we heard the voice say it again. We all ran for the window and jumped out. We ran as fast as we could to the car, and got out of there. We never went back again.


Life’s mysteries

Life’s mysteries

Actually never I have been in mysteries situation in my whole life. But I heard about mysterious story in my country. For example. two years ago, There was a young lived nearby my village. He had a bicycle. One day, he had ridden the bicycle alone nearby mountains in the morning. Then something happened. The boy didn’t come until the event. The boy’s family became worried because that. Then they told their neighbors. After that all people started to look for the boy. They just had found the bicycle and shoes. At night they called the police to take care of this bad situation. The police used technologies such is GBS, cars, and helicopters to get him. The police worked hard to get him but they didn’t. Even  TV Omani showed news that a young boy who is 12 years old lost in the mountain. And the news asked all people to look for him. The police and the citizens in that village had taken three days searching for him, but Unfortunately, they didn’t find him. Then his family became extremely sad about this situation. after one week left, his family  lost prospect to get him, so they had Consolation for him. until now, they didn’t get him.