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Dark Night

In this life there are many mysterious things happen with the humans, I think this things happen because of Jinn, I believes there is jinn in this life. I had a mysterious thing happen with me, my father has a big farm with villa in rural area there is no one around us just a scary wild. One night I was there with my family, it was very dark night even you cannot see your nose without light. My sister was playing with her cousins, she was nineteen years old. When she was playing I heard her screaming I went to her and I saw her face, it was “yellow like a lemon” I asked her what happened but she didn’t answer me and I asked my cousins and they said someone knocked the door and said to her open the door and when she opened the door she didn’t see anyone. While my sister was screaming my dogs was barking very hard, I opened the door and I didn’t find anyone and my father go out with his gun and shouted many times in the air without now who is there. This was my mysterious story in my life even know we didn’t know if my sister was fancied if it was real.


In the last few centuries people from different countries was founding difficult to communicate other each other. They were using specific kind from birds to send the letters to each other, but know they invented something you can use for it for access to whatever you want, and you can communicate with people in any point in this world. This invention is called web site this one changed all the world by make the distance shorter than past I mean as in said make this life easier. I think without this invention this life it will be very hard. For me I cannot live internet because all my works as I do it on it, when I came here to USA for sure I need to talk with my family and without it we cannot, if I want to communicate with them I have to wait for more than month because my letter will take a long time to arrive there but know we can call them by many different social apps such as What’sApp, Viber , Line, and Skype those app make the life easier. Finally access to the internet make the life easier and the communicate easier too than the past.

My Family

In the last few decades families were bigger than now, they were very proud in big family, and they were have more than nine to ten children. But have a big family make the life harder, because you have to work hard to feed them, but now families in general became smaller than before. For example my father family were very big like my father has nine brothers, and sisters and he has six uncles and aunts, but now my family is consider not big and not small it’s in the middle like I have one brother his is older than me and his name is Moayad, He is studying medicine in Damascus university, and I have two sisters them name are Mayasa, and Maysam their name related with flower they are in elementary school. I have very lovely family we are very close to each other. We eat all the time together it’s rarely to eat alone. And I have my grandmother from my father she live at her house but even that we don’t leave her alone all the time we go to her house and help her and I like to sleep at her house because she is very hospitable.

Eid Al-Fiter

Each religion has its own holidays, they celebrate in those holidays each year, such as Christianity has its own which we call it Christmas, and in my religion there are many holidays such as Eit AL-Fiter, and Eid AL-Adha. But the best one for me is Eid Al-Fiter because it comes after a long month from fasting a hard month and we will be excited to be allowed to eat food and drink anytime we need. This holiday exist because we have celebrated to breaking the fast, and we celebrate in my country about three days after Ramadan. It’s very special events because we have to visit friends and relatives and celebrate with them, and in those days we go to shopping to get new clothes. All parents in this have to do good deeds such as give money, clothes, food, and many other things to poor people. And in these days we will meet new people or old friends you haven’t seen them for a long time because you will go to the mosque to pray and you will see them. Finally this holiday it mean a lot for me , and for all Muslims because as I said it’s become after long month from fasting.


Hi everybody, as we know the commercial has very important role in encouragement the consumer to buy the productions, all the companies in all over the world spend almost of them budget to make good advertisements which make their production famous and a lot of them bring very famous person to use this product in in the advertisements. For example, Sneakers is type of chocolate, has a lot of funny commercials which show how it can change your mood. Almost of it advertisement are about someone has very bad mood and always do strange things whish make his friend weird from his behaviors because they don’t use to see him in this situation, but one of them will know the secret and he give him sneaker to eat it because he know that this person does strange thing when he is hungry. For instance, they show four friend see match between Real Madrid and another time and Ronaldo made mistake in this match therefor on of them started to cry in incredible way and said my small heart can’t see the, but his friend would give him sneaker to change their mood and when he ate the first bit he became relax and said ” you’re not you when you’re hungry” .finally sneakers company has very nice funny technique in it advertisement whish make a lot of people buy it production.

Best News

The best news I ever heard in my life was when I got my visa that allowed me to come to the United States. This allowed me to pursue a higher education by going to West Virginia University and studying to get my engineering degree. The day I got my visa I was very thrilled and celebrated with my family. That night I also went to the bar and drank with my friends. My friends were very happy for me and they paid for my dinner and drinks. The resteraunt we went to was called jasmine, I even remember the dish I ate. It was chicken with rice snd a side of shrimp. The news of the visa was very surprising, I didn’t not expect it at all. Back overseas getting a visa is very hard and the government does not give them out very often. It was my dream getting this visa as it opened up so many doors for my future, and paves a way for me to provide for my family. Also it is good because pursuing an engineering degree brings pride to my family. The other news that I got that made me happy , was me being accepted to the iEP program at WVU.


I was born in 1994; I think I’m very lucky because I bored in this year. In the Chinese Zodiac my animal sign is Dog sing, and my sign say “Honest, caring, and modest. You are always there for your friends. You may at times seem cold and unfriendly to people who don’t know you” I agree one hundred percent with this sign it’s very similar to my personality. In my country people think like its kind of negative personality, because the person have to be  friendly with all people even if they are enemies. I like to be my animal as a pet, actually a I already have it in Syria because dogs they are very loyally.


This is my second semester in WVU especially in IEP, I came every day to the same class the same rotten, but in this semester in writing class it was amazing, I enjoyed with the instructor she is very helpful. She made this class different than other writing class by special homework its name Blog assignment. It’s not related with what we take in the class it’s about your normal life like what did you do last week we have to talk about how we spend our time last week. You can share your opinion in this assignment and your experiences. In all I like to take another class with this instructor and I like her website.

The Benefits From Research

Now a day there is a big issue our society suffering from it, its junk food effects. My essay was about this issue because it has a big effect, and I did my research about it. When I was making the research I found many different information I didn’t know it before, it’s very good information to know it, because it’s related with our life. The most important thing I knew it is the obesity affects in children social life such as eat a lot of junk food will cause obesity and that will effect on them life like dealing with people with friend and in the future it will effect on your work, you will not do your job good because you will be tired, because your heart will be week. In the other hand, junk food cause many diseases in your body. For example, it cause heart attack, obesity, cancer. I think this research it’s very baneful because it gave me many information I wasn’t know it.

Momajad And Hussian

Each country has special fashion style in wearing for men and women related with it culture, and religions. In this paragraph I will talk about myself and my partner hussian.

First of all, in general I like to wear casual clothe, because I feel comfortable in my normal day but sometimes I like to wear a little bit formal when I have special events, I like to make my hair short I and I like to make it spiky, I like to grow my beard. Instead of my partner have a short hair and goatee and he doesn’t like moustache. he prefers clothes that conform so all his clothes are t-shirts and shorts, sometimes he prefers to wear fashionable clothes when he has a party. He dislikes wearing old fashion clothes.