Ayed AlAhbabi

Life’s Mysteries

10 years ago، I always play with my friends in front of the house. There was an old house close to my house. One day I was playing with my friends near the old house. My friend suddenly heard a voice emanating from the old house. I told him, “There is nothing do not be afraid.” Again, we heard another voice we ran and moved the news for all. So that the old house has a ghost, but did not anyone believes us. Then, I and my friend Ahmed went at night and we are afraid and trembling we entered into the house. When we entered the house, all of a sudden I saw a man wearing a black dress color and said, “Go ye, or ye die.” I said to him, “Why are you here.” He said, “You are what you doing here, come on, Go quickly.” Suddenly,   the man began Burning. Then disappeared completely and we went to our homes afraid. Over the years, this is no longer the old house exists because it has been torn down.


The Outlaw of computer

First of all , my favorite thing is the computer. In 2002, the computer has been blocked around the world. A lot of people were angry at the world because of this decision. Also, there have been a lot of protest about the ban on the computer. But the protests did not succeed. During the early years of Prohibition computer did not know the people of the importance of this decision. But after a few years, people started to deal with this matter. I think it was a good law. People are meeting with each other. Also, become a strong relationship between the family . Low rate of problems among the people in the world. Also, the people went out to the gardens more than before. Life has become better than ever. But there are those who sell the computer on the black market. But it was so expensive that only a billionaire can buy it. But the rulers of the world issued a penalty of owning a computer to life imprisonment. Some people believe that in the future will be allowed to buy a computer. also , I think so ,because the world began to evolve quickly and make a lot of electronically that facilitate life.



family matters

Family is very important because without it when you do something wrong no one is there to tell you do the right thing next time. When you get a bad grade and your parents don’t care and don’t tell you to do better next then you think that it does not matter anymore. When you and your family do not get along well you don’t want to be home so you will only be there to sleep and who knows what you could be doing outside of school and outside of your home .also ,Teens always need to help around the house. Teens aren’t mature enough to make their own decisions. They should always ask for permission for everything . These are some of the reason that the family is one of the most important thing in life because without it you will not be successful in anything. When you have a better relationship with your family you end up doing better in school and beyond. You also have to become a better person, you will have more friends because you will not always be mad argument that went on the night before.





first of all , my favorite holiday  is UAE National Day  . Before the surrounding emirates took their independence, the UAE were colonized by The British. After epic battles against our enemy we got the independence in 1966. However, this was the first step .In 1971, the United Arab Emirates was formed by seven states, and the capital city is “Abu Dhabi”.And now every year from 1971 until now we celebrate in our country . This celebration important to us for many reasons .It is the proof that we still free no one rules us .Secondly, it makes us realized that we are a nation now. Thirdly, remind us there were people from different areas combined with each others to make this dream become true. Nowadays, the majority of people in my country uses this day to extract their true emotion, by gathering with our royal leaders to share with them our happiness .However,National Day is happening in a lot of celebrations, for example:

1- Fireworks displays all over the country.


2- The march of cars decorated with flag of the country.


3- Musical celebrations across the country.


4- Heritage Village


national day is one of the most beautiful moments that pass us as citizens, and we are proud of our country, the UAE under its wise leadership, which is a great day for us and the sacred, no doubt that this holiday is a day of happiness for the Federation of UAE with each other.


” It is an Ad world “

The type of product:

Electronic Devices

Product name:

Tablet (A)


Product details : Our tablet has the advantages of good quality and that you did not want at that moment, and probably will not see like it too, because we have great deals and free delivery and save time for our customers. Also, the provision of the tablets modern. Now, our tablet device has the characteristics of high, such as

1-    Multi Window for Multi-tasking


2-    Sleek and Portable Design


3-    Smart S Noteto make your life easier


4-    Touch Screen and pen


These properties appear to you that the device revelation gorgeous and strong.

Techniques: As you know, we started selling the product in the market a month ago, but if you buy now, we will give the accessories (cover, screen protector) as a gift and longer warranty (1 year), and if you want to extend the 1-year warranty more you can pay an extra $ 40, you will get it! * If you want to buy this device amazing revelation you can visit the nearest store to you or you can buy online!

Creative Prompt

I’ve got many of the good news, but there are specific news I think I have not received anything like that ever, of the most beautiful news that I have heard is when I got on the rate of 90 in high school. I could not believe myself because it was a difficult year because of the increased difficulty of exams and materials were more complex. In addition, I was afraid that my dream will not be achieved to obtain the required rate because happened to a lot of problems in my life. For example, severe illness hit my stomach, and I had the surgery, and I was very scared of the process, but the process has succeeded. In addition, my friend suffered serious incident, which caused his death, and I felt sad. These problems and difficulties that occur to me that my dream will not be achieved. Results time approached and I was scared that day. I’ve heard that all my friends got good rates. So, I decided to enter the location of the school to see the score. I couldn’t believe my eyes when i see the score 90 I felt joy and happiness. , My family feel happy because I got 90 in high school. I’ve got a lot of awards from my family and friends. I’ve had the best news that I have heard.


My Zodiac

I born in 1992 that means my sign animals it is the MONKEY. Animal sign says clever and likable. You have new and interesting ideas, and you learn very quickly. Sometimes you can also be a little egotistical. Yes, I agree, yes, my character the same prediction, but there is a little difference is I am not egotistical. I think that people in my country to go to the zoo to look at the actions of the MONKEY. I would want a pet, because the pet likes human and characterize qualities beautiful for example affectionate, devoted, adorable, and clever.

using blogs


name : Ayed al ahbabi

gold A2

The first time used a blog site, initially found it difficult and complicated because it was something new. But when you got used to it and found it useful and a great thing to read what your friends write of subjects interesting and enjoyable. Also, I love to go back to see my entry.  blog has a lot of benefits that we learn how to get more ideas. Also, that we can learn how to write in a timely manner. I am very happy because I can, now  that use blogs correctly, because I think that the writing in the blog are a great and enjoyable.



name : Ayed al ahbabi

gold A2

my research about Childhood obesity . I learn a lot of  formation about Childhood obesity . first , one of the most serious causes for childhood obesity are ads snacks that attract children to eat junk in order to get gifts . second ,the causes of obesity for children is the lack of movement and lack of exercise .Thirdly, children who eat foods high-calorie soft drinks. there are some facts about the seriousness of childhood obesity in the stage . for example , about 16 per cent of US children and teenagers aged six to 19 are obese, compared with 4 per cent for six to 11 year olds in 1960, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention .finally ,We must eliminate childhood obesity through exercise and eating healthy foods .

complaining about a problem

Letter of complaint from a student to the Director of the Institute.


Dear Mrs. / Stacy


The IEP is in good form and has plenty of skilled teachers. But I have a complaint about electives. Electives have time much of what we felt bored and laziness. I think that is reducing the hours of election materials from 75 minutes to 50 minutes. So, will be the best for the teacher and students.


I’d be very grateful if you would approve of this complaint.




Ayed al ahbabi


Student in IEP