Turki Alahmari

The strangest thing

Hello everyone..

Actually i have not seen a ghost or UFO also i have never heard any experiences for anybody for our family, but my grandfather told me and my cousins about story happened when he moved on a new city with his family because his boss insisted to move him to another city , thus he lived in a new neighborhood, and new neighbors and unfortunately he was not knowing anybody , there were not any friends relatives, so everything was new for him and his family. Unfortunately he bought house beside someone else and my grandfather said he has not seen a stranger neighbor like him, my grandfather noticed something someday in the midnight he heard strange voices in his neighbor’s house but there was not anybody living there !!. Then that thing has been doing for a month , then my grandfather and his family became afraid of their neighbor, and someday in the morning my grandfather went to police station to tell them there is something strange happing every night in that house, and after intensive investigations about the house. After some weeks after special investigations , police attacked the house and they found out people belong to Satanic group there was evoking demons and they get arrested after all these things my grandfather to his old city.

The most favorite thing for me

Hello everyone..

I want to  talk about what is the favorite thing i like to use, which is the cellphone. I can’t imagine someday the cellphone will be outlawed, because nobody in the world doesn’t has a cell phone, but if this happened, that will a global issue , because all the people used to communicate with each other by cell phones , therefore that is going to reduce the communication among people, and also people won’t be able to have many friends as if it allows to use for people. And that will make against the law and get it, might they will follow the instructions then they won’t follow it, if they stopped selling it people are going to find by anyway even if that way is illegal or not. They will go to Black Market which is specializing in illegal things any they sell it with the double price. So i think they must not be outlawed,  and the people will go towards the black markets and pay whatever they have to get a phone to let them communicate with their friends and do some business with the cell phone because that will save money and time, and also there isn’t any reason to be outlawed.











Family Matters

Hello ..

Actually, my brothers are jealous of me because my parents treats my better than them when they were as my age, such as i traveled alone last two years with my two of my closest cousin to London probably when i was 17 years, no one of my brothers had travels alone as me, and my father maybe now gives more than what was he giving my brothers, also my mother as well, but my parents are doing this because i’m sitting with them all the time and serving them anytime and anywhere so they love me so much, also they think i deserve more because also i’m a young and the life changes forward, and i have two cousins we are close like brothers, and we hang out together all the time, therefore anything they do or buy (Cell phone, Car, Laptop) or anywhere they go , i go also , because also if i do anything they will do it as well. Thus my situation is different among me and my brothers. Also my parents didn’t hit me all my life only a few times maybe 2 or 3 times but they did that because i did something extremely wrong to be honest. I confess they are treating my differently because i’m close to them more than anyone else.

What is your favorite holiday ?


we have just two official holidays which are : Eid al-Fitr , Eid al-Adha. I want to talk about the best holiday in my opinion , which is call “Eid al-Fitr” , it comes the day after Ramdan immediately, it is the best because we were fasting for almost a month , so after  a month full of prayers and good deeds and also before the Eid comes we will have finished fasting and also and all the houses are decorated with trappings to show the celebration for the eid , and also we will be excited to be allowed to eat food anytime we need, and also in this holiday we wear the nicest clothe we have and we  gather with all the families and meet people maybe i have’t seen him for a while, we eat in the same table and talk , then the parents are going to distribute money and candies for their children, even the grandfather and grandmother and aunts and also uncles can distribute money for any kid or young but it’s not necessary, but it is like a habit, by the moring of the Eid’s day all of these things will have happened, and in the evening all the boys go to our chalet or resort there will be celebrations and music and probably we will meet some friends and might hang out with them and have a great time till the midnight, and we do like that for three days. 










THE TYPE OF PRODUCT : Electronic Devices

PRODUCT NAME : Turki’s Phone


Our phone has advanced features and good quality you didn’t like it for awhile maybe and maybe won’t see like it also , because we spend our money and time to provide our costumers something special something they have been hoping to gain a modern phone like what we did now . Our phone has high characteristics such as :

1- Flexible 



2- Touchscreen




3- Longest battery life



4- Multiple colors 



5- Non-scratch



These characteristics show you the ability and the possibilities and how our phone is a great !!



As you know we started selling the product in the markets a week ago , but if you buy it now , we will give an accessories ( cover , Car Charger , Medal , screen protector ) as a gift and longer warranty (3 years) and if you want to extend the warranty 1 year more you can pay extra 140$ and you will get it ! and also we have special offer .. you can borrow the phone for three days before you decide to buy it or not and if you buy two phones you will get the third phone with 30% discount  ! 




Hello everyone..

I have received many good news but there is specific news i think i didn’t receive anything like it ever , which is when my father decided starting his own business after he retired . That decision i see it the best news i have heard for awhile because i think he is good at business estate , because all his brothers are good as well , and his business is going to be buying and selling lands and houses and also apartments buildings and these stuff , me and my family were supporting this idea for three or four years but he wasn’t listening to us because he always said he doesn’t has time to do many things in the same time , and he should be focus in one thing only because that will help him to do it perfectly . But he ignored us totally . But before two months ago my family talked to him again till he became convinced , but unfortunately he was having one condition which is we shouldn’t repeat this issue to him anymore until he retired which means after 2 years . And now he starts making a big budget for the business and he is thinking now to have a big loan also from the bank , because that will help him to start sooner.


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAkarnataka-properties-1772

Me and My Zodiac


My zodiac is BOAR !

My Zodiac says : Generally quiet and honest. You work hard toward your goals. You don’t have many friends , but you are very considerate to the friends you have.

I agree one hundred percent , it’s close pretty much to my personality . I think nobody in our country has a boar as a pet or also for eating ,because all Muslims think he is dirty and full of diseases, and also because it is taboo in our religion for any any reason , except in necessary situations , like if you lost in desert and you were very hungry you able to eat boar if you find one. In my opinion i think the boar is filthy and high maintenance, and i think he looks kind of ugly and noisy .

Turki’s Blogs


Hi everyone..

After i researched for my topic for the final project , l figured out it is so difficult to find some information is related with my topic , and i thought it will be easy and it won’t take much time , but frankly it was hard to search about good resources . Finally, i became good and fast to finding information, and also i had a new experience and after a while i found it easy for me, but i was making it hard to me , also while i was searching for stories of informations , i got new informations i don’t know it or hear it before, maybe it won’t help me on my essay or my research , but it will increase my knowledge .




Hi everyone..

I think it is a great idea , because its’t hard as when i write it , in my opinion . But  i enjoy typing more than writing because i like when i feel bored i can turn on music while i’m typing  , also i can do it while i’m writing , also i can open the YouTube page and watch funny videos , but in my opinion typing is more comfortable  easier than writing . i hope we could continue using this website . I want to use this opportunity to thank Mrs. Lauren for this easy and smart way and without efforts , it is much easy to do your homework without any stress .



Comparison between Turki and Khalid

Hello everyone..

we will talk about our fashion and what’s the differences and similarities between us , therefore we will start with the similarities then the differences.

First of all, we don’t like to wear formal clothes except in occasions , we prefer casual clothes because it’s make us feel comfortable , and we can do anything , such as walking or running we can do what we want to do without any fear or careful about our clothes , when we said casual we meant pants and shirt and sport shoes. And also we would like to wear sunglass and shorts , we don’t like show off ,we wear what we like not what others like.


Complain about a problem

Dear Madam: Stacy

I’m student in the IEP on Gold A level , i noticed somethings this semester , which is the teachers are unavailable , even when i came into his/her office hour , there weren’t anyone to be honest not all the times but it’s happened to me two or three times , for example onetime i passed on Mrs.Livia’s office one day before the quiz , i didn’t understand something in grammar class so i want her to explain more to me , but i didn’t find her on her office in office hour , i think it’s unacceptable and inexcusable .

Therefore, could you please tell her or all the teachers in general they should be adhere in their office hour and be available to any students, because that’s one of our rights and it’s so important to us and also it is help pus very well .



Turki Alahmari