Abdullah Alenazi

The Farm

When I was 17 I was hanging out with my friends. We were talking and decided to go to a ghost farm. We heard so many stories about this farm and that it was haunted. When we got there it was so dark, we couldn’t see anything. We brought our flashlights from the car and started walking towards the farm. We were so anxious, even stepping on the tree branches frightened us. Once we got to the farm we didn’t know how we were going to get it. The wind started to get more aggressive and we were all scared. At this point we didn’t know whether we were going to go in the farm or not. We decided since we came all the way, we’d do what we came to do. We found a window on the side of the farm that was broken out. We climbed through the window, and we were all standing inside. There was dirt everywhere, old hay. The whole place smelled disgusting, we could barely take the smell. We were walking around when all of us heard a voice, someone saying leave now. We frantically started looking all around us, but saw nothing. Then, we heard the voice say it again. We all ran for the window and jumped out. We ran as fast as we could to the car, and got out of there. We never went back again.


Without my Phone

The one thing that I couldn’t lived without if it was outlawed would be my phone. If I didn’t have my phone I wouldn’t be able to keep in touch with my family. I call my father and mother everyday, and I couldn’t imagine if I wasn’t able to do that. Another reason I couldn’t live without it is I wouldn’t be able to keep in touch with my friends. A lot of my friends still live in Kuwait so the only way I am able to get ahold of them is through my phone. Also, if I want to call or text one of my friends here to hang out I wouldn’t be able to without my phone. I also use my phone for the internet. If I need to find something out or need to know something I can just get online and figure out what I need to know. I couldn’t imagine not being able to do that anymore if the government decided to outlaw phones. I don’t think anyone would be fine without a phone because they wouldn’t be able to do any of these things anymore. The only way they would be able to keep in touch with people is if they traveled to see them if they had the time to do it.

The phone is very important to have. Many people do things daily and are able to accomplish them because they have a phone. Without the phone everyone would definitely live there lives a lot differently. That’s why it is very important to have a phone and something I couldn’t live without if the government outlawed it.

My Family

My family is so important to me. My dad always taught me and my brothers how to respect each other. My dad wanted us to be around him all of the time and all of us to be together. When we eat breakfast, lunch, and dinner we have a time and we all make sure to be there. We would make sure to eat everyday at the same time. My dad was a strict person to let us know how to respect each other and not fight. It sucks spending so much time away from my family. My dad would always help me with my homework and things I didn’t understand. He would make sure I did good in school, and to be educated. Telling us that we had to have a good job one day and depend on ourselves. My mom was always worried about me. If I wasn’t home she would always call to check on me and when I didn’t answer she didn’t like that. Now when I am living by myself I am doing the things that my parents taught me. I feel more responsible and I’m able to take care of myself because of everything that they have shown me. They have always treated me in a good way and I am thankful for that.

My Trip to Maryland

Visiting Baltimore, Maryland last summer was my favorite trip. I loved going to the Inner Harbor and being by all of the water. My friends and I rented a boat and went through the water and it was awesome. There were so many buildings there, and so many different things to see. I went to the aquarium and got to see so many different water animals. I saw so many different kinds of fishes. I also saw dolphins, sharks, and whales. While I was there I got to go fishing and I caught so many fish. There were so many different kinds of people there. It didn’t take long to get there either, only a few hours from Morgantown. We also went shopping down in the Inner Harbor. They had so many different stores and so many different places to eat. The mall there was all glass from the outside and it looked so cool. There were so many different floors you could buy things from. I was there for four days. We also went to a show while we were there and heard such good music live. The singer was so good. That’s why my visiting Baltimore was my favorite trip.

iPhone 5s

Everyone should have an iPhone 5s! iPhone 5s is the first 64‑bit smartphone in the world. It’s faster than any other phone out there. To open the iPhone 5s all you have to do is put your finger on the home button and it opens automatically. This saves you time, and ensures that no one unwanted can go through your phone. I’ve never seen a better phone out there, and you wouldn’t regret this purchase! There’s unlimited apps you can buy or get for free with the iPhone 5s. You will never be bored if you have this gadget around. You can download so many different games that you will love and enjoy. You will never be without something to do with the iPhone 5s. The camera with the iPhone 5s is wonderful. It has a larger sensor, continuous burst mode, true tone flash, auto image stabilization, slow-motion video, live video zoom, square photos, panorama photos, and photo filters. No matter what you are trying to take a picture of, it will turn out almost professional. Everything about the iPhone 5s is amazing. You will never find another phone like it. Don’t miss out on your chance to own the iPhone 5s today!

The best moment I have ever had.

The best moment that I have ever had would be when I was 18 years old. My father bought me my first car. It was a Toyota Jeep, the car I was always wanting. He bought me the car because I graduated from the High School and he wanted to congratulate me. The Jeep was black, and the seats were leather. I was so happy that he got me this car. It was the first expensive gift that I have gotten. I was driving everywhere all of the time. I could go hang out with my friends whenever I wanted. One day I got to travel long distance and take a road trip. It was a nice car and I loved to go everywhere in it. It was four wheel drive and could get through everything. I miss this car so much now, and can’t wait until I get to drive it again. The Jeep is definitely my favorite kind of car. It drove so well, and I never had any problems with it. It was the best gift I could have ever gotten. When I first saw it I couldn’t believe it, it was the best surprise anyone has given me. That is why getting my first car was the best moment I have ever had.