Saad Al Essa

my horror story

Around the world there is a lot of horror stores. I would like to talk about my Experiences with the ghost that I saw back home. Three years ago I was going out with my family to our farm, then when we arrived to the farm I felt like there is something walking by my side in the farm, I went to tell my parents that I think that was a ghost walking behind me, they laugh at me because they think that I’m lying, but I was not lying I felt the ghost. Next day in the farm I woke up early in morning and I went to feed the animals and I swear I felt him again siting next to me. I stopped feeding the animals and I run back to my family. In the night of the day I was walking in the farm with my cousin, and we heard a sound from far a way saying words I don’t understand, and suddenly I saw something In front me again but this time I want to see who’s there, so I followed the sound till I saw something really scared a lot of sounds and a lot of things moving, I got scared and I run back, this was my horror story.

without my favorite thing.

without my favorite thing

Around the world every person has special things he can’t live without it .This thinks can make his day to feel bettor. For example your favorite  car,phone,playboy also to is can be your friend. In my opinion the thing which is i can’t live without it or it is hard to complete my day whiteout which is my favoret Galaxy smart phone. becouse I adopted   about this phone for everythings things for example it wake me up, i can look at the clock on it, save my photo, contacted with my mother, read the new news and a lot of amazing things i can do it withe this smart phone.

If i imagine  my life without this smart phone it is will be in a big trouble  life because no one will wake me up, i can’t see the time, i can’t call or texting or read my news a lot of my favorite things i can’t do it without it I can’t  imagine my life without this smart phone. I will keep it and take care for it because it is make my day to be better.probably  I use it for every things it is more then phone for me.

Family Matters

Family matters


I would like to talk about my family, first my family from Saudi Arabia, and I will explain our relationship between each other. My parents are always taking care of us, because they love us, for example they give us money, good food, and everything we want. They sent me here to study alone because they want me to be successful man. In the end, I really love them very much and I miss them all the time

happy Eid

Happy Eid



Around the world in every religion they have a special holiday or event. For example in Christian religion they have a Christmas event and in the Muslim religion they have Eid event also in each religion they have a specials ways for how to celebrate this event.



I am a Muslim guy and it is my favorite holiday or event. I will describe and explain this beautiful day. It is our event which is Eid alfotr it is a Muslim holiday that come in the end of Ramadan month the month of fasting. Eid it is Arabic word which is meaning celebration in English also the word Fitr means stop fasting . On the day of the celebration a Muslim family is awake very early and go to the mosque to pray then every family go to big family house which is the grandfather and grandmother live in. They set together and eat the different kinds of Arabic food also take a pictures with our beautiful and new clothes and celebration all this things together.

I think it is no words can explain this event and holiday. I hope I can bake to my country and celebrate it with my family but I cant because I am here in Unites State to study. I hope my family in my bake home enjoy it together.

The Best News In My Life

Saad Aalessa


Gold A2

The Best News In My Life





Everyone has special news that changed his life for a good way. When I get my accepted in the university from West Virginia in United States. That was the best news I heard it ever. Because when I was in Saudi Arabia I hade no job and I have nothing to do and the second reason that was I want to complete my studding out of my country because my parents want that. This is way it was the best news for me



In 2012 after when I graduated from high school. I received the best news ever like what I told you in my first introduction paragraph. Everyone after when he graduated from high school he submits his paper to the university and waiting for acceptance. That exactly what did happened with me. I was very nervous and excited to get my acceptance. After when I submits my papers I was waiting for couple of months I gat my acceptance in the university. That was the best news I heard it ever



The second cause that was my family was supporting me to complete my studying out of my country. My parents they told me you have to go to United State to complete your studding there they want me to learn English and learn who to take care of my own responsibility. I accepted that and I was waiting to get my acceptance in the university. Like what I told you in my second paragraph after couple of month I gat my accepted. This is way it was best news I heard it ever.



Now we are in 2014 I achieved my dream. I’m in United State and I’m studding English I West Virginia University. That was the my best news and my story.




In US almost every family have a different kind of animals but in my country not that much because it is forbidden in our religion. I born in 1994 that means my sign animals it is the dog. Whoever I don’t believe the zodiac because it is not always correct and it is forbidden in our religion. I don’t like dogs I don’t know way but it is doesn’t belong to me I know it is a pet animal but I hate it .





I this semester it was my first time to write a blog in the internet. it was a new and hard thing for me because i’m usually write my paragraph and essay in the Microsoft Word it is was easy for me more then using blog. I hope it is the last time i have to do my job with use a blog it is annoy me in all the way. I will talk withe my teachers about not ding this any more in next semester. I will be very happy if they cancel the blog in summer two also in all the semester.

my research




In my writing class i had to writ a essay about a child TV star. After when i wrote it the teacher told us you have to do a research from the internet about your own essay. It was my first time to do this thing it was not that much hard because she explain every thing about how to writ a research essay. After when i wrote it i gat a new experience  for how to make a research essay. in my opinion it is avery good things to learn how to make a essay withe research because it let you to now a new things about your essay and maybe when you read in the internet you able to change your mind about a lot of things  you wrote it in your essay i thing when you do a research it help you to write a beautiful and perfect essay.

Saad and Maxime fashion style

In this short paragraph, we are going to compare our fashion style. This is evident fact that we have similarities style but also as many as different especially because we are from two different country. First of all, Saad is from Saudi Arabia so in his country people usually wear dress. He wears all the time a belt even the pants fit him in addition he always go out with a watch. Like Saad, Maxime wears comfortable clothes such as jeans, belt, T-shirt and short. Maxime is from Congo so in his country people usually wear traditional shirt with a particular symbol they call it “Liputa”. According to Maxime’s view, he likes to wear a sport shoes nevertheless Saad prefers Sneakers. Our spending clothes is similar we likes to take the time for shopping. We love to buy clothes with affordable price. Saad buy usually clothes in H & M store likewise Maxime did too. Saad have always his glasses when he is driving or reading .In contrast Maxime never wear it. When Maxime is in hometown he wears normal clothes when he goes to the mall. However, Saad almost always wears pants with shirt. It’s very important for him to feel casual. When there are particular events such as wedding, funeral we both wear formal clothes.