Azan Alharthi

Life’s mysteries

Life’s mysteries

Actually never I have been in mysteries situation in my whole life. But I heard about mysterious story in my country. For example. two years ago, There was a young lived nearby my village. He had a bicycle. One day, he had ridden the bicycle alone nearby mountains in the morning. Then something happened. The boy didn’t come until the event. The boy’s family became worried because that. Then they told their neighbors. After that all people started to look for the boy. They just had found the bicycle and shoes. At night they called the police to take care of this bad situation. The police used technologies such is GBS, cars, and helicopters to get him. The police worked hard to get him but they didn’t. Even  TV Omani showed news that a young boy who is 12 years old lost in the mountain. And the news asked all people to look for him. The police and the citizens in that village had taken three days searching for him, but Unfortunately, they didn’t find him. Then his family became extremely sad about this situation. after one week left, his family  lost prospect to get him, so they had Consolation for him. until now, they didn’t get him.

my phone

If my favorite thing in the world were outlawed, how would I cope!  I can’t even imagine how I can live with out my phone! How I can live without contact my friends by phone! I think that I will have tough life without my phone. Right now my friend is my phone. When I feel bored, I use my phone. I have a lot of video games in my phone, so I play by them. Also I have a lot of social media’s programs such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and keak, kik, snapchat. And we chat. I can by these programs contact with the world. I can know new news in the world and t’s going on it.  Im far away from my family. So everyday I contact with them by these programs. If I don’t have it. I get to visit my family each semester because I will feel homesick. Im so close from my family. The people in the world will get hard time to communicate with each others with out the phones. They will need to connect by computer. And as al we know it’s hard to move the computer with you because it’a so big. But the phone has a great size to carry with you.

my lovely family

i am glad to talk or write about my lovely family. my father had married my mother when he was 25 years old. and my mother was 23 years old. after one year of the marriage they got one daughter who is called Arwa. then after two year they got a son ( Ahmed ). he is my older bother. the i was born after Ahemd by one year. unfortunately, when i was kid 3 months ago, my father had a car accident so he passed away. i have never seen my dad :(. I had grown up with my mother and my grand father who i consider him my step father. when i was 8 years old, my uncle married my mother. then they they got my two brother in three years. then they build a big house and i have my own room in it. After 7 years my mom sired 4 sons and two daughters. so now we are all 6 brothers, three daughters, and my mother. I’m so happy to have this awesome friendly family. we are always close to each others. Also we don’t have any family problems. we help each other. and alway my family motivate me to study hard and do well in the education. Actually when i was 12 years old, , my older brother was always arguing me. i was upset at him. but now everything is going  fine in my family. i think god about that. and i wish to marry and have a successful, and big family as my family is  now.

eid al fatter

in my country we have many celebrates such as, al EID Alwatnee, the esraa wa almerhrag, EID the adha, and Eid al favorite Eid from is Eid al Fatter for many reasons. first of all, it’s special day in our religion because we have to before this celebration, we have to fasting for one month. After we are done fasting. we have this special day. in this day we have to slay couple of crows and sheep in the morning around 6 am. After that we go to pray in the center of the village. All people go to pray even young people except women. women pray at home. After we pray, we go to we go to cook the crows and sheep to get a big lunch. Then at 9 Am. we take shower, dress new traditional clothes, and have a nice perfume to get the best appearance. After that all the members of my family meet in the living room. then we go to visit our neighbors togethers, visiting our neighbors and Relatives  take around 4 hours. then afternoon we have a big lunch with my family. this lunch includes  rice, meet, and soda, then we sleep little bit, At the night i meet my friends and i have fun with him. for example, go to theater or have BBQ. So we spend our first day in Eid Al fatter like that. Then we have two days left for our celebration and we have the same routine in these two days.

the best news ever

my best new ever in my life is when i got scholarship to complete my education  to the USA. when i was 14 years old, my cousin studies in the the USA. He always was telling me about the life and the education in the USA. I like the lifestyle there. it has a free, cool life. So I decided to study hard to get schalership to complete my education in the United State. when i was in a sophomore, I couldn’t study hard. i was playing, and spending my time with my friends. But i got senior, I  had a serious plan to study well. fortunately , i could did well in the senior, then i got high grades. finally ministry of education in my country has accepted me to  complete my education in the USA as i chose. it was the best news ever in my life. i was more than happy. then  I made a big party at home. I invited all my friends and family. I slay a sheep for the party And i made a lot of activities in this party such as playing video games, volleyball, and swimming in the swimming pool. it was the great event in my life.

phone poma

the best product is  phone Boma. it is made from Japan. it’s has many qualities. so it can compete the modern phones such as iPhone and Galaxy. first of all the Camera. Boma has a great camera. it has 12 megapixels, HD, panorama shot, and Light is one of the most important factors in getting a great photo. Also phone Boma features a state-of-the-art sensor that increases the area available for pixels by 15 percent, and yet it still fits inside the incredibly thin Phone. on other hand, it has smoothy Touchscreen. it’s  4 size inches. Also hardware is Processor1 4GHz  dual-core. Also it’s super great in contracting internet and WIFI. for example, we had taken Iphone 5S and phone boom to desert in Oman. iPhone 5s couldn’t connect the internet, but phone Boma connected 3G  easily. Also it’s cheaper than iPhone5 and Galaxy. it costs $400. so i recommend you to buy it because you will save money. on other hand, it has quailities better than iPhone. I’m sure if use get it, you will feel comfortable with it.  it doles out in most countries in the world such as arabic countries, America, Japan, and China. so you can get it easily by a great price. i recommend every body to try this phone.


i was born in 1994, so my Chinese Zodiac is Dog. IT means honest, caring, and modest I’m always there for my friends. and I may at times seem cold and unfriendly to people who don’t know me. Actually i don’t believe about Chinese Zodiac, but I think that I have most of these traits because i’m  always honest and caring about my friends if they involve in some problems such as, education, Financial، traveling, and other stuff. Also I’m modest, that means i don’t like to show off even if i have a lot of money. on other hand,  a lot of people when first time i meet them. they feel uncomfortable with me because i don’t care about them. actually people consider a dog is a weird animal. most of Omanis don’t like them because they’re dirty. but recently, couple of young people start to keep dogs in their home at a capital city. because they think it’s a friendly animal for people. in my view, i don’t want have a pet as a dog for many reason. first I’m not familiar with dogs so i don’t like it. secondly it needs a huge Responsibility. finally, I’m a broud of my country so i always go back home and i don’t have place to keep it with.


my hand writing is the worst thing i have. it’s difficult to understand what i write because my bad hand write. also i usually spend a long time to write a blog by my hand. so i think writing blogs in website then submit them is a perfect way to handle blogs. also writing blogs is a great way to improve our writing because we need to write about our experiences in blogs. on the other hand, writing blogs helps us to write faster than before by  keyboard. it’s good for us when we will attend WVU in next spring.


yesterday was my first day which i tried in to make research. actually it was tough experience because i need to search about the same topic in my essay. also i need to summarize what i read in research by different words. so i spend over last night searching sources to get benefits for leaving homes and schools. then finally i got three sources in different website. these sources gave me some proofs for my essay. then i tired to change the words in same meaning to copy them in my essay. so i cited them and i wrote all information, where i got them.

conversation partners


Madam: Stacy


I am student in IEB WVU since January. I am in gold A 2. Recently, I realize that you don’t care about speaking that much. Even we have class, which call communication skills, but we don’t pay attention in speaking that class.

Could you please at least bring conversation partners every Friday? I think they will help us to feel more confidence.