Jaffar AlMajed

The hidden cell-phone

I would like to share with you a funny mysterious experience that happened to me back home in Saudi Arabia before I came to the United states. First, I was driving my car and checking my cell phone at the same time, so I decided to leave my phone till I arrive to my destination and focus with the road. After that, I stopped at signal light and  I looked for my phone but I didn’t see it, so I just kept driving when the signal turned green and I was saying to my self, it should be somewhere under the seats and I had a strange feeling at the same time like I will never find it. Next, the astonishing thing that when I arrived, I started to look for it under and between the seats but I didn’t see it. I became upset and nervous because I was wondering where would my cell phone gone since I was alone inside the car and I didn’t stop on any place but  the destination that I was going for. Finally, the next day after the weird missing for my cell phone I decided to take my car to a garage and ask them to take out all the car seats so I can see it. I was expecting to see it but the strange thing that I never seen it till today and I paid for the garage for nothing.

The amazing Electricity

A lot of people says, I can not imagine the life without my cell phone, TV, internet, mp3 player, video games, and a lot different electronic devices. But does anyone noticed that if we weren’t have an electricity we wouldn’t be able to use any of those electronic devices? In these days we all can see and knows that every single person in our life can’t spend a whole day without using an electronic device, even in schools the classrooms has a technologist options such as, computers and projectors. Young and old people use and electronic devices everyday without noticing that it’s all because of the electricity, without electricity we couldn’t spend our day in schools, works as normal as we have it. If we were without electricity, we wouldn’t have air-conditioner, heaters, we wouldn’t watch TV everyday, we wouldn’t do our jobs and home works such as writing blogs in internet, we wouldn’t make a phone calls because our cell phones would be died and out of battery, we wouldn’t drink a cold drinks because the fridges would be out of service too. we all should be so thankful for such a great gift that called Electricity. If there was not an electricity, I wouldn’t be who I’m today.

Good Family

Having your own family is such a big responsibility especially if you have a lot of children and they need a special treatment. When I was young, my parents always wanted to treat me in a good way but that made me feel that I’m not free, especially in teen age. But when I grew up and became an adult, I realized that all the thing bad or good that they have done it for me was for my benefit and to become a good or better person in future. personally, I would and I will try to do my best to make my children become a good people and let them know from the beginning the differences between the right and the wrong thing so they don’t think I don’t love them. Teenager should have a special treatment and they should have their own privacy, but also they should ask their parent for any advice, help, or even opinions. Parents should try to be a friends to their children before being just a father and mother, because children when they see their parents are very kind, close to them, understand them and forgive them when they do a wrong thing and show them the right way instead of hitting them or get angry, they would feel comfortable and would tell their parents everything easily.

4th of July

Even though I’m not an American citizen but my favorite holiday is the Independence day. I rally like the 4th of July because everyone go to the park, gather around, and celebrate a historical holiday. I celebrated the last 4th of July in Washington DC and it was such an awesome day that I spent it with my friends and family over there. I like the way that everybody was together, hanging out, enjoying their day, taking some pictures, and waiting for the fireworks. First, I was wondering what’s the point of making a huge fireworks and what does make the fireworks became famous thing especially on 4th of July. Then, I found out that the fireworks is the reflection of people’s happiness about the holiday. I like it when the sky at night become shiny because of the fireworks and everyone feels satisfied and happy. Also, when I was in my country I didn’t hear about the 4th of July holiday since it’s related to United States. But when I come to America in 2012 I started to learn and get to know about American cultures, so I really liked the 4th of July holiday and I hope to celebrate it every year and in different states. so far I celebrated it in Columbus Ohio, Pittsburgh Pennsylvania, and Washington DC.

Monkey 92

According to the Chinese zodic I’m a Monkey, and the sign says, meaning steel, sign of fruits hardening, a need for one last push. people who born under the sign of the Monkey are likely to view life as series of quick. A Monkey is likely to experience a number of swings in their mood and temperament when they interact with other people. Happy and  energetic. I agree with some points and disagree with other.

The Smart Prepared Oven

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Creat your good news!

Everyone in life may face a hard time and a good time, but the lucky person who can balance between them and don’t let the bad time or the bad news control them. I have received many different news in my life which made me more aware in our life today, and it’s very normal that the human get a bad and good news, because I believe if we don’t get a bad news we won’t feel satisfied when we get or receive the good news. I think being optimistic is the most important thing in our life in order to survive from the hard time that we may faced in our life. I’m going to tell you about some of my good news that I have received in my life since I was born. First, the most happier news that I had ever heard when my little sister became one of our member in my family and that happened when I was 13 years old. Also one of my good news in my life when I turned 17 and got my very first driver lesions and I had a nice experience during that time. Secondly, when I graduated from high school since 2010, that was such an amazing feeling that I had and can’t explained by words. After that, my life became harder and more responsibility, so I made my biggest decision in my life which is studying abroad, far away from my lovely family, friend, and home town. Then I received my acceptance letter from the university in Dayton, Ohio where was the first place I came in United States in 2012. Finally, the last good news was when I got the acceptance letter from WVU and I moved out from Dayton to Morgantown and I become a Mountaineer!

Sadiq and Jafar similarity and difference in fashion styles. Fist,  the difference are sadiq likes to wear a comfort cloth during the week days such as sport pant, loafers shoes and t shirt but he loves to be cajole during the weekend or in holiday. How ever, Jafar likes to be fashionable even during the week days he prefer to wear jeans, Nike shoes, colorful shirt and be more swag in weekend or holiday. Although, they are have so similarity between them which are they are like the seam hire cut style and the seam favorite color either and the seam company of sunglasses.

Writing class blogs

To whom it may concern,

I have used the Blog site last summer when I just attended to the IEP, at first I found it hard and complicated because it was something new. However, when I got use to it I found it useful and great thing because I like to go back to see my posts and I can read my friends posts, also I can learn from my classmate posts and get more ideas. I’m so thankful for my teachers who told us to use the Blog, because I think my writing skills became better especially about typing an essay.

Best regards.

Final research paper.

Actually I haven’t done a lot of researches before but I had an experience with the last one that I made it for Writing class. First, I found many different type of researches and I got confused but when  I looked and read carefully I found it a good thing to know others people opinions and studied. Then, I searched more and had new ideas from others people researches even if it was not related to my subject. Next, I choose what I need and analyzed it in my own way and wrote it down. doing a research is useful thing and you could learn new thing from many researches during the search for the research.