Sadiq AlZaki

My Experiences with mystries

Every country have a mysterious story some of them believe in ghost some others believe a ufo. In my i have not seen a ghost or ufo however,  i believe that they are present an our live and our imagination but they have a separate life. In my country a lot of people got hunted by ghosted and most of them went to a monk man to get therapy but some others believe that it is just mental disease and they go to doctor. By the way, when i was kid my mother scare me to let me sleep she told me that there is a ghost paunch kids who make trappable in his life but when i grow up i realize that it was a fake and funny.

Something changing in my life

They are many things  that I can not  imagine my life without them such us my friends back home when i came to USA I live without them and here my story started. In the beginning I got tired and i felt like I’m not going to get along with anybody I thought that nobody going to understand me us they were and this was a fact i misunderstood a lot of people I met here and a lot of them did. I almost gave up and I was wondering do i’m going to be alone .Since then I decided to change and give myself another chance and connect with people. I started talk with people around my i met many kind of people with different personality I like some I dislike other it was interesting for my even i met other people from other side of my country that I have not expected to get  along with them ever i took from there behaviour they took of main either    I chang my  vision of my life. Absolutely my old friends still the best for me because we grow up to gather and we have the same vision too but it was astonishing to know other people and make other friends even if they have different opinion.

Family matters

Family matters each family use different strategy to grow up their children however there were old strategies an the past totally different of know. In the past the parents used to be more strict than know it was when the father said some order to the kids they will had done it and we could see as well how was the oldest or children or respectful and successful tan now. Lately the parents use lenient strategies with growing up kids they just let them do whatever they would and we could see how most of them are spoiled even if they are not we could see some bad behaviour such as procrastinate ,an dependence and low discipline. Each family really care about how their kids going to act an future and is hard responsibility for  so in my point of view, they have to use something between these strategies because  the negative is the brother of positive so the family have to use some strategy in between.

One Of My Best Holidays

             There are many holidays in each culture around the world however I will pick one to talk about in amircan culture because it is remind me of my country holiday. Chrisms it is a religion holiday poeple celebrate it each years whis is usually kersten poeple celebrate it for the memory of jesus birth thay having food and pray and meet with familys or friends to have a good times with each others.They are also has a code for it which is a light three I had seen people become cheerful, amused and motivat.By the way, I had tow chrisms in UsA but i have not really feell the holiday as an amircan people maybe because I had not celebrated with amircan family. Thut, i would to compare it with my holiday Eid Alfatr which is we celebrted each years and had alot of fun on it . It is religion holiday too and we have nearlly the same activties meet with family at asent house having a large lunch act however, we have charities to halp poor people to have a nice clothes and food and some others stuff in the holiday.In the end, we all have to enjoy holidays even if it is not of my culture.

One OF My Best News Ever

Every persons have his or her best news which  is they had gotten their hipper monument ever in top that is it will have be unforgettable. My experience show that is I had many of worth news to say but there is one I really want to shear it with you because it was one of my best. Ones I was traveling to Syrah to took my summer there for 30 days however, my sister was pregnant and I was motivationally waiting for my first nephew in my life and also I really want to be uncle for first time in my live. After 15 days I got the news when my bigger sister called me in order to tall me I was more than happy even I did change the date to getting bake to Saudi Arabia. I faced many risks in my way to home however that is have not spoil my motivating position I kept being happy until I got I was not absorbed that I’m  uncle until I arrived  to the hospital when I had seen him he was also looks like me that what makes me more hipper. He is now 6 years old and in this month he is going to be 7 however I had tow more nephews but he still my best one even he loves me so match he is also calig me every day but some time I ignore him. In the end, this was one of best news in my life I have felt that it is worth to mention it.



Me And MY Zodiac

      The Chinese zodiac it is famous thing that some people are belive on it and some are not. In my point of viwe,  it is interesting thing to know about my birth year was in 1993 so my zodiac is rooster and i,m kind of people who belives in this is stuff littil bet. The zodiac shows that people who have rooster zodiac are have these personality which are want to be very successful and just say things to make people look up. I do not know if i,m agree with that or not because I can not see me behavior however, sometimes I did try to do so actions in order to make my friends laughter or to brake the ice berg and     of corse I want to be successful in my life. By the way, in my country we have differ viwe at rooster      we are belive that he is strong ainmal can lead his house and protct his famile and make their living and and always feels jealous about his women. In conclusion, Ido not think  that I can has it as a pet I agree that he is goog natured but he is filthy and really needs respnsablty to take care oh him and also he is vain.

Sadiq and Jafar similarity and difference in fashion styles. Fist,  the difference are sadiq likes to wear a comfort cloth during the week days such as sport pant, loafers shoes and t shirt but he loves to be cajole during the weekend or in holiday. How ever, Jafar likes to be fashionable even during the week days he prefer to wear jeans, Nike shoes, colorful shirt and be more swag in weekend or holiday. Although, they are have so similarity between them which are they are like the seam hire cut style and the seam favorite color either and the seam company of sunglasses.


The blog website was boring and i extremely heat it and i always prefer to use paper because i write by all my emoticon with it. How ever, it was really benefits because i heat the computer so much and i must to use it when i get job. I think the blog was good for me because it makes me love using the computer and I’m agree to keep it for summer tow and even for all levels even if it just for fun .

I suggest to make a website for iep student which is good to devolve the writing skills and for the communication between students too.


When you are let as searching about or topic we found many of worth information and learn how to make our essay full of subject.An other hand, i will explain the mane benefits i have gotten which is devolve my writing skills .

First of all , I got many ideas for a lot of subject which is nice for my experience and worth to make my essay well. Additionally, i new what the right way to get a fact information and which website i must search on it. How ever, i need to know more and more about it because it makes the writing easier and really helpful for devolve skills.

Letter to IEP m

This is letter from sadiq alzaki one of  IEP students . I want to ask who response there to change the time fore the first class in Monday and  Wednesday, Friday  which is starter at 9:30 . I would to make it at 10:00 if you are mind .

because of these are reasons

1/Most of students get absence or late in fist class  in this schedule I had mention it up there .

2/ US you knew there are many of Muslims students July they are have some specific situation on it .

3/The percentage of attendance will rise .

Finally, thank you for read my articulate and I will be thankful if you are able to change it