Ali Boabbas

Life Mysteries

There was this one time when I went to an island near Kuwait called ‘Failaka’. I went with my friends, as it was my first experience going outside of the country without my family. We had a lot of fun with the buggies and jet skis, but there was something that I’ve never seen before. One day, I and my friends decided to go to an old school that had no one in it. As soon as I walked in, my friend heard a noise that none of us noticed, and he began to worry. As he turned back to reach for the door, it closed. Now, we realized that there was something out of the ordinary with this school. We weren’t sure about what to do next, so we just carried on. Soon, we began to hear glass breaking, along with occasional screams. The screams sounded as if children were screaming, rather than adults. This was too much for us to handle, so we found the nearest window and jumped off the first floor. We never came near to that school ever again, as it was the most terrifying experience any of us had ever had. This story was told by my friend it may not true.

To begin with, during my childhood, my parents raised me strictly. In my opinion, this is a good way to raise children because it had a positive effect on me. I have learnt that you can’t have anything you want, anytime you please. I have learned to be precise between what I want and what I need. For example, my friend has been raised not too strictly from his childhood, being spoiled most of the time. Now, he is independant, as well was being insecure, especially when making decisions. That being said, I’ve learnt from this comparison and I will be strict with my children so that they will be able to handle responsibities when they grow up. By being strict, I don’t mean violent, but just enough so that they can be independant in their futures. I’ll also give this advice to my friend so that he can learn from his parents’ mistakes.

Best Holiday

One of my best holidays was when I went to Thailand in  the summer of 2010. This is because it was the first none Arabian country that I had traveled to it. I was there with my cousins and my uncle. It was the best holiday because I had tried many new things; for example, I tried bunjy-jumping and cruising on a bot in the middle of a lake. I also tried to ride an elephant and it was the first time I’ve done so. I was a bit scared at first, but I eventually got used to it and began to enjoy the experience. The people there were very nice, and showed us many places which I found astonishing because I had never seen anything like them before. The structure and design of the buildings were outstanding, and my Mother particularly loved it because she is interested in design. My father, on the other hand, enjoyed seeing other things such as old weapons and armory from wars that took place many years ago. He was very interested in knowing what they were made of and what they called these weapons. Another thing I liked about Thailand was their t-shirts. As a matter of fact, I still have some of them, although they don’t fit me anymore!

My advertisement

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My best news

I have experienced both good and bad news throughout my life, but out of the good ones, the best of them was when I graduated from high school, as it was arguably the highlight of my life. That being said, it was and is still the best news so far because of the 12 years of hard work that I put in, and the feeling that I got when I realized that all of the hard work paid off was unbelievable. The main reason why this was so meaningful to me is that it is the most thing that made my family happy, as they were proud of what I’ve achieved during these 12 years. I was confused about the major I’d pick after I had graduated, but friends and family haven’t failed at supporting me while I was trying to make my decision, because they gave me all of the advice that I needed. Another reason why this is the best news in my life is also that it is no doubt the most important one. The success of my academic career relied on my graduation from high school. That being said, I am now in the US studying the major that I’ve always wanted to do; something that I’ve never expected to happen.

Me and My Zodiac

My Zodiac according to the Chinese Zodiac sign is the Rat. Is says that the person is Generous, honest and imaginative. In my opinion I agree with what the Zodiac says. I think that I am Generous, honest, and imaginative etc.. . And I am doing my best to protect this habits. Also, trying to increase from this good habits. In my country people think of my animal is so dirty and bad animal, They think that this animal is full of diseases and they really hate this animal. therefore, I will never want a rat as a pet, because it is bouring and bad luck animal as we beleaive. Also, I do not want to have any disease.

Takeru And Ali

There are variety of fashion styles in the world. Fashion styles are different between each countries and also generations. I think observing someone’s fashion styles is interesting, because fashion is one of self-assertiveness. Today, I compare the two students, I and Ali. I am Japanese, but Ali is Arabic. We grew in different culture. How do we have difference or similarity?

We had several similarity on each fashion styles. I wore the shoes of sports brand, Nike. Similarly, Ali wore sports brand’s shoes, Puma. In addition, we have same hair color although we are from different country. However, hair styles are different. I understood that there are some similar points among different culture. On the other hand, there are a lot of different points about fashion styles. Ali wore sports pants, but I wore jeans. Ali wore T-shirts, but I wore button-shirts. Ali had beard, but I don’t.

In conclusion, there are similarity and difference between Ali and me. I think Ali tend to prefer more comfortable clothes than me.

Polite complaints

Every society there are advantages and disadvantages, The society will never improve and grew up without discussing the disadvantages. Therefore, this is very good initiative from you our teachers and instructors to listen the  complaining opinion of your students. From our complaining you will see the disadvantage and try to fix the problem. First of all, The rules are important and all the students have to obey them. But the teachers in my opinion have to be flexible in there decision. For example if the teacher said that the test or the final test will be on Monday and there are another Tests, The teacher have to change the time of the test because the students will be stressed and exhausted from studying too much and this will effect negatively on the students. I suggest that the teachers have to organize the dates of the Tests in different days. The second point, If the student is sick how could he/she send an email to the instructor before the class? After he/she get rest, the student will come to the instructor to apologize to him/her and describe his/her situation. In additionally the teachers should write an essay about the disadvantages and give it to the students to learn how to criticism. Finally thank you for giving us the chance to say our opinions, thank you again for your patients.

My summer in Morgantown

Summer in Morgantown is One of the more difficult summer in all my life. That because of the double intensive English program in twelve week, Too much of  home works and assignment. with every week  new blog about summer in Morgantown. Know I will going to talk about what happened in this week briefly. First of all, and the most important event happened today, Is Mrs. Stasy birth day. However, The event was located in the Eiesland hall. The place was crouded and full of both teachers and student, The place was full of balloons And cake in the middle. every thing was ready before Mrs. Stasy arrive. She was suprized how did the party organized. When she arrived every body gave her a hand, she cried directly and every body sing happy birth day Stasy. Secondly, the Tofle test, Actually the test was suprized  for every body. the test was very hard and pretty diffiernt from Tofel class. Thats all for this week.

My Financial Goal

I have many financial goals that I want to achieve in my life. First of all I want to get a bachelor degree in Mechanical Engineering  from West Virginia University. After that I will go back to my country to get a job. However, it is hard to get a job in kuwait because there are many students who will be a mechanical engineer and i will face many difficulties but i wont give up because i have set many goals for me and i will achieve them all. in kuwait an engineer can get a high salary and could do whatever he want because he has the money and everything. also and engineer has a lot of advantages which are having his own car for the job which will give me an advantage of saving money to get my goals and things i have in mind. an engineer gets a lot of money especially when he works for the petroleum company, and it is known that mechanical engineers work for these kind of companies and get lots of money. so finding a job is not what i like at least for me, because when you have the money you can achieve your goals and then you can do you hobby and secure a good life for your family.