Yhyah Taher

a terrible day

First of all, last year i had a small vacation,it between 5 to 10 days.In the beginning,I met with my friends to let my friends that we must go their at 5 p.m.When we finish meeting that every one went home to complete them things and worked to be ready to go.After that we went out at 5 p.m,we had fun on the trip.after arrived, we camping in the special place that every one didn’t know us.At midnight we feel that we were hungry,so i told my friends that we need some wood to make a fire,so they said that I must do this job and I accept that.Then when i went out i felt a cold weather, and all of place was very dark and frightening.I felt some frequency about that but i told my self that i must do my job.After that,when i went so far from located of my friend,i heard some one that he called my name but i completed my road to collect the wood.When i collect some wood,i saw some one very frightening that he was not from humanity,and it said i would kill you but i was very lucky because one of my friends came to me that he wanted to help me.So it was disappear.

This is one of my terrible day in my life.


First of all,the first important thing in my life is football.It is a half of my life,because when you love football then you can’t leave it what ever the causes.Also when you love football you will live in another life that make you feel happy and more exciting,with football you will feel happy, with football you will feel some courage.So i would like to talk about my football that it changes my life.

First thing, when i was a child i have a lot of problems in my life specially from my family that they always fight with each other,and i always cry and i felt sad when they do that.So that make me feel when i have a bad dream.On the other hand.all of my days just crying and sad about my family.But i decided to look forward,for instance,exercise my hobby.And the first hobby in my life is football.And this moment,i didn’t care about my family that just make me feel sad,so just i play football that make me feel very happy and i  feel it is my life.I always plays football every day that changed my life to better.Also when i see my family had a problem, i just go out side and play football that changed my mood from sad to happy.

So, in conclusion,I think when some one have a special thing in his life,that it will change his life to better,it might being him happy in his life.

First of all, I’d like to talk about my family that they are living in Kuwait.So i will explain how can my family teach me in all of my life when i was a child.First thing, I was very lucky because i have a special family,that they care about me and every time that they advice me about every thing, for example,when i had a mistake they usually teach me how can i fix my problem,and they give me a chance to fix my fault.Also they didn’t put a strict rules in my life,because they know that is very terrible when they forced to do thing.Because when i will be growth that they can’t stop me for every thing cause that i have every thing.Also they will be older so they can’t do every thing for me.So just from the beginning they learn me how to go in the right way in my life.

the best holidays in my life

First of all, last year I had the best holiday in my life,the first reason that is my freedom of Kuwait.The second reason that all of my family around me,they celebrate with me and we had fun about this holiday.The basic points that i surprised about it,that all of people in Kuwait not just in Kuwait all of the world celebrate with us.So the lo of Kuwait not just only for the Kuwait.Furthermore,on the occasion of this event,that the king of Kuwait gave us 2000KD.In addition,we remembered all of people died for Kuwait to raise the flag throughout the world.So all that events that make me more happy and wrote it a special day that i can’t forget it forever.

In all,the special holiday in my life is freedom of Kuwait,and i strongly believe that all of people have the same my special holiday.


name:yhyah taher                                                                                                                                      gold A2

First of all , i was born in 1995.And it is the same with boar.And i feel disappointed because i had wish to be with the same dragon or tiger.Because we all know that tiger and dragon had a courage and they fight any one when some one stop them way.But when i remembered the information of boar that it has a lot of advantages such as honest and quite.Not just that,also work hard to reach your goals.In addition,care about your special friends.Furthermore,but my zodiac is same my personality such as work hard and honest with people.But i told you before that boar in my country is very bad and it is very ugly,and they avoid them.And about me , i hate it very much and i don’t like it.Also i don’t want to be boar like a pet, the first reason that it is very ugly and it is foul that make me nervous.Also in my culture that i can’t eat it like Europe and i can’t touch it because it is unclean.





Name:yhyah taher                                                                             course:Gold A2

First of all,after reading,i think we should gives awareness to people and advice them in various way.Because that’s form dangers throughout the world.this is obvious from the number of children eat fast food too much.So i would like to write about what i know an important things in my research.

First one,just to let you know,if some one eat fast food a lot of ,he will make a danger for his life.For instance,some one eat  lot of fast food,the first thing that his blood pressure will high unexpectedly.On the other hand,also that his fat will higher.After the source in the option information that some of children don’t care about them healthy ,they just eat fast food and sit  or sleep.

second one,now days also we see that a lot of relatives don’t care about them children or if they want any thing ,they will do that without thinking it is good for him or not or it is bad for health or no.So that are the three most famous reason in the world

In conclusion,i strongly believe that the awareness and the advice will useful for peple and will teach thim about how to save your life also especially children.

My problem

In the first day in morgantown,i had a big problem.And it is a major problem in morgantown,all of people have a same problem.And it is a taxi.So i would like to write about my problem and the solution about it.

When i came to morgantown, i didn’t see the negative things in Morgantown,But we all know that in morantown have just 1 taxi.So in the first day i needed to taxi because i didn’t have a car.So when i called to taxi,some one answer me but in impolite behavior,not just that he closed the phone when i was talking lol.I thought this person would not work usually,but after that in a few days, he usually answer me.Also he talks with me an respectfulness.After that i knew some information from my friend that this person work usually will not change.So that is one of the biggest problem in morgantown.

In the end,i want to tell you my advice,and i hope every one read that.First one,the customers must be more respect with the people.Also the manager must be check all of the section their.If they have a problem or some one not good ,so the manager must take the right decision that make people happy,and don’t lose them.

name:yhyah taher




Dear readers,

First of all,we all know that we have a big problem in morgantown.And it is very famous problem in morgantown,we all suffered about that.And it is transportation.You know that in morgantown have a bad transportation that they don’t care about the order.Not just that when you give him your order number that they said oh sorry we can’t find it,it is wrong number.But in fact they know that number,but the order was lost.So that is one of the most people suffer in morgantown.In the end, i wish every transportation like fedex to care about the order more.

writer:yhyah taher

my summer in morgantown 3

First of all,i told you before my name is yhyah taher.And I’m 18 years old.We all know that we have event in our life like funny events and terrible events.But in this time, i want to talk about my event in morgantown.And it was funny.

When i came in the first day in morgantown,i don’t know how can i talk with people.I thought with my self,that when i would talk then they will laugh because my English language is very weak.So in the first day i had a class at 10 p.m with my cousin.And that is the first class.To let you know that my cousin is better than me about the English language.So when we entered in the class.I said to my cousin sit after me please.Then he said why, i told him just sit.After that, my teacher asked my cousin that his name not in the list.After that  he can’t described her about his problem,so he just said I’m sorry then he left.Then she asked me what about you.I said sorry sorry me too me too lol.

My summer in morgantown 2

First of all,my name is yhyah taher.And I’m 18 years old just to remember you.when i was in Kuwait,i didn’t care about my study and my career.Just all of my life thought about soccer,how to be a professional player and play in the biggest club in the world such as arsenal,Chelsea and united.But you know i had a lot of problems in my life and my life was difficult their.So i decide to complete my study in the USA,and special in morgantown,also to complete my dream their.So when i came to USA in morgantown,and it was a summer.I saw like that my life was change,and it was change to positive thing.I forget every thing that stopped my life.So i want to talk about my new goals when i went to the morgantown.

First one,you know that my goals was to be a professional player in the past.But from when i went to the morgantown, i refresh my brain lol.So my first goal to be a civil engineering ,the second goal to be a manager for a famous company.And i know that my dreams need effort to success it.and i promise my self to work hard,and do the best for my dreams.

in the end,i want to say that my summer in morgantown changed my life to be positive and better.