What type of government is best? Why?

“There are Seven Deadly Social Sins:
Politics without principle.
Wealth without work.
Commerce without morality.
Pleasure without conscience.
Education without character.
Science without humility.
Worship without sacrifice.”
― Mahatma Gandhi

I like starting this post with two reflections:

Why we need to think in the scale of “the best” or “the worst”?
Why we need to compare styles of government like fashion contest?

I have meditated for a while before to write this post, because this kind of question is not easy to answer in just one or two paragraphs. Is more complex, because writing about governments is writing about quality life, citizenship and specially context of living.

When somebody ask me about my opinion in some subject, I don’t like to use concepts or scales when one them is disqualified. This question is disqualifying, however, is interesting how we made this assumptions when we want to discuss the government system and specially the citizenship.

I like to share my point of view about my experience, living in different countries. Because, you only understand a government system when you live in there, meanwhile, it’s difficult to figure an opinion without a more sensitive touch.

How can we develop a sensitive touch, when we are talking about government?

Government is not the system itself, are not the buildings, are not the laws, are not the politician, are not the taxes, are not the institutions, are not the military, are not the wars and IS NOT THE PRESIDENT, OR THE KING OR THE DICTATOR.

Government System in a sensitive and emotional view (And maybe nationalist) is the people. And for people, I mean, really all the people, the poor people, the rich people, people without education, people with education, people who live in the city, people who live in the farms, people who try to understand the living and people who only lives. ut-vietnam-girl

This is the government, so, what kind of government is the best? Well, I ask to my reader, what kind of citizenship is the best?

How can we understand the citizenship, not as right, if not as a duty. And in this philosophy, how improve it?

And with these last questions, I finished my post, What kind citizen are you? Are living in a philosophy of respect about human rights? Are you a model citizen with your style of government? Are you doing all your duties as citizen? Are you living in your society or are you fighting for live in a society?

The best type of government system.

I think the Democratic System is the best kind of government system people have ever had. What makes me sure about that is not only the options that this system provides but also when I compare all types of the government system now and throughout the history with the democracy I could not find any better type. The biggest problem that had been facing is getting the freedom because most systems did not give the right to say whatever they want or to express their feelings. I was very hard to find a community that gives the same rights to all people without differentiate between rich people and poor people. Most of the revolutions through the history were against those kinds of systems not the democratic.  All these problems have been solved by democracy. The democratic system gives us the right to say whatever we want, to choose the president, to make the roles and to not be consider from a religion, sex, or color. It makes all the people have the same rights. We have not seen any revolution against it yet, unlike the other system, which shows that clearly to every one people cannot have better than this system. All the people who live in undemocratic countries are wishing to have democracy.

Whar kind of government you think is the best?

I think that countries should be democratic because the people are taken care of. In this kind of government the citizens have more equal rights, and more participation in the decisions that the president has to make. In other types of government the people are not the most important thing and they don’t have the right to make decisions for the country. The people that are chosen by the citizens to be in power work to protect the people’s rights. The government also has the responsibility to maintain that everyone has the same sort of benefits and receives the same services. Services such as national defense, health care, education and job opportunities. The best kind of democratic leader will employ the best lawyers to make laws that are fair. They will employ the best people to be in charge of the defense of the country so that the country is not always at war. In democratic countries the people want more peace for the world, and believe that all people are equal. Democratic countries allow people to have more freedom to do the things that they want to do and be the people that they want to be. I feel like every country would benefit from being democratic.

The best government system

First of all,I will talk about the best system of government. Each country has a system that all people in that country know about it and people there agree about it . I think that the best system is a democratic system because this system will make everyone have the right to talk and have the choice that they can choose the president with it . Also people can change the president for example if most of the people in that country don’t want the president for the country they can change the president and this thing will be changed in a short time.so, It Is really good to have this system in each country . On the other hand I think that when the country follow this system the president will try as much as he can to be a good president .The president will try to make those people in this country feel happy and have a good life for them and also for their children .There is a good example of the democratic system in Egypt all people there vote for their president and they choose their president.On the other hand maybe this system will make a problems in the country but i think that the positive things are more than the negative things specially if the country is considered as w poor country .Finally,I think that the democratic system Is the best because this system will make the citizens feel that they are in their country.

Government Systems_Saif_Alabeedi

In my opinion, any government has democratic system will be successful because many reason. Democratic system  gives people who live in this country freedom .Almost of the people want freedom because the freedom allows to them say their opinion.Moreover, democratic system respect people who say their opinion. Democratic government cares about the people with their problems,and it tries to offer best living for them. Democratic system gives freedom of speech to the people .They can say any thing and  they can object any things by freedom. In addition, democratic government director their country according to the people’s needed and it shares any things with the people. In fact, people who live in democratic government feel that they can live as they want to live. For example some of the countries around the world director by dictatorial system.People who live in these country  they feel they do not have rights .Also, they suffer of the injustice and they can not say any things .They have to keep silent if they feel satisfaction or not . Almost of the people try to migrate another country because they think they will find their rights in another country even it is not their country .All in all, any government is looking for develop they will choose democratic system.

Government systems

In my opinion Democracy is the best type of government. What does democracy mean?  Why it’s the best type of government? And what are the advantages to democracy? First of all, there seems to be a great confusion what the word Democracy means. In spite of the fact that at least in some parts of the world one can hear it from the media every day. In the dictionary definition, democracy “is government by the people in which the supreme power is vested in the people and exercised directly by them or by their elected agents under a free electoral system.” In the phrase of Abraham Lincoln, democracy is a government “of the people, by the people, and for the people.” That means that all the people should be able to have their say in one way another in everything that affects their lives. So that includes the freedom of speech. The citizens can demand what does they need, express their feeling without any Constraint or limit and refuse against anything they consider it is wrong in the government without any punishment or bothering. And all people are equal before the law. So everyone has his dignity and no one can take it away from him. Finally, in my view point there is no other alternative form of government better than a democracy.

democracy is the best government system that i like because it’s a system that have justice and freedom. You have the right to vote for the one you like and you have the right to say what you think about government and how does it works. in my opinion democracy will give everyone their rights and also things about economy and military orders will shown to everyone. Other government systems don’t give any of these things. Here in USA they apply democracy and they have the right to vote to choose their president like Obama and Bush. Here in USA they can protest what they don’t like and can change it. Back home we have a kingdom government system i don’t like that way because sometimes the king will be good but his son won’t be like him and will have some corporation and won’t like his father and thats what happening in some countries. Also when the country follow kingdom government system some of the princes there use the power of their word for there own good by scaring people and letting them do what they want. Doing that is very bad and awful for the country and the community.

government system

Firs of all, government system is one of the most important thing that country must has for organize it and make fair. In my opinion’ the best system for all country is democratic. Because this system is the most fair one comparing with others. secondly, this system gives the right of the citizens to be a president for the country and say what ever they whatever they with complete freedom. Also, if the system of the country is democratic people in this country will get a big chance to get job and student will be happy because they will have a chance to complete their studies in their country without needing to travel to complete their studies. Thirdly, the president can not be a president for country for more than 8 years and can not steal the money from the country because every thing is clear and citizens can fire him if they do not like him for any strong reason. All in all, this not reduce the other systems but when we compare we will find how this system is fair and gives the citizens their rights in correct way by giving them a chance  to choose their president , get a job and get their rights in correct way.

The best type of government

There are some types of government like monarchy, authoritarianism and democracy and all this types have some good and bad aspects about, however I think the best type of government is still democracy that means power to the people or in some cases decision takes by the most part of population. At Brazil during almost 25 years the government was a dictatorship and although good things were made by govern, Brazilian people suffered a lot in this period mainly the young people, who wanted freedom and went to streets to change the country. In the beginning of Brazil history, the government was a monarchy and it did not work so well because some particular problems with the king. Since this period of dictatorship the democracy returned and nowadays the president system is working well, the ideals of democracy are great, give power to people is beautiful but the biggest problem are the politicians, who are so corrupts and that is a huge problem because the politicians steal public money while the health and education systems are getting worst with pass of the days. However democracy is better than other types of government, because as a citizen you can vote in who you want and if you disagree you have the liberty of expression to make some protest and change the situation, for me the only problem it is corruption and a solution for this could be stricter laws and equal rights and duties for everyone rich or poor, mayor or janitor.


I really don’t know so much about government. That is something that I really should study more about, because it defines how my country and other countries are comanded. Because of what I grew up seeing, I think that the best government type is the Democracy,the one that is implemented my country (Brazil). In this type of government, the power is supposed to be in the people’s hands, once the is the population who decides the person who will be in charge for a given time by votin.

The first country that this type of government were implanted was the Greece. This way, the word Democracy has a greek origin: Demon (that means people) and kratos (which means power). The most common sistem of this government is that with a president, the most representative person of the country’s people.

This way, because people chose the president, gorvernor and other commanders, they have the right to require the improvements that they promised in the election. The function of the democracy is to defend the human rights and also gives the population some duties.