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Late post : My personalety

This is Jaffar Almajed, I have been in United States since 2012 and I’m 22 years old. I conseder my self as friendly guy, a sweartheart, easy going, and open minded. I like to play bowling and I’m good with it, I also had a silver medal when I was in high schoool. I like to travel around the world, making new friends, and learn about new cultures from differnt countries. Also I’m a night guy.

my personality

first of all, my name is yhyah taher.And I’m 18 years old.My favorite hobby is playing soccer.Also about my goals,i want to be a civil engineering.Not just that i want to be a professional player in addition,about my university i study now in west Virginia university,And it has a good teachers their,also i met with a good guys.All of student in the university offer if some one need help.

Now i want to talk about my best team player,and it is arsenal club.I love it when i was a child, i love this team they give me energy and power when i saw them.Also about the best player in arsenal club,also he is my favorite player,he is thierry henry.

second one,the second favorite hobby in my life is poetry.I like it when i wrote it,it gives me some activity.Also it helps to improve my has a lot of positive thing cam make me happy and smart.

in conclusion,I’m very luck to study in west Virginia university.And i strongly believe that all of people agree with me.Also I’m very happy to meet with a nice guys and with a good teachers,specially Rurik teacher,he is a smart teacher.and he can teach student with a simple undoubtedly that Rurik is the best teacher.

My personality

Speaking of personality,it’s quite a complicated thing,it differs from person to person.

Just like fingerprint,you can not find another person in the world who shares the same fingerprint.People are different,not only our apperance,but our inner things,this is so called personality.Never judge a book from its cover.As every other person,I do have my own personality.I  can not say it’s 100% positive or 100% negative,it’s not maths,which has an exact answer to each question.I am sunshine when I am hanging out and having fun with friends.I am nightmare when I am upset about something,I can absolutely shut myself down,not seeing anyone,not talking to anyone,nothing personal,just don’t feel like saying any word.I also enjoy helping others,it makes me feel fufilled.When I am under pressure,I always choose to face it and challege myself,especially most of people believe I can not do it,which motivates me more.

I said a lot,trying to describe my personality,but never judge me from those written evidences,people have different sides of themselves,depending on what kind of people they are dealing with,what kind of errands they are running,and stuff.People are always more complex than you think they are,you can never read people and tell what’s in their mind.An old saying goes in China:You can only know a person well after knowing him for a long time,you can only tell a horse after a long ride.


I’m Azzan Alharthi. I’m from Arabic country, which is Oman. I can say for people who don’t know It, Oman is close to Dubai. I live in small town with a big family, which include 5 brother, 3 sisters, and my mom. Actually my father is passed away when I was 3 months age so my mom married with anther guy. So just I have one real brother and one real sister, and the others are half brothers and sisters. Today I want to talk little bit about my personality and life.


Because I live in small town, there were no many activities to do, so there the most of young people have a passion to play football, which calls SOCCER in the united state. When I was from 13-16 years old, all my thinking is about soccer. I play soccer every afternoon with my friends, then at night we were watching soccer match or playing PlayStation. When I got second school, most my friends started to have car and hang out, so we don’t like to play soccer that much. So I got plan to complete my studying in the use, then I started to study hard to get high scores. In middle school I didn’t get that much scores, but when I was in high school I started to study more and more hard. So when I graduate in 2012 I got scholarship to the United States. I was so excited to get there. And now I’m here


My personality changed little bit when I got here. Now I feel like I have the responsibility to cook, wash my clothes, and do all stuff myself.

A Person With Passion

Sometimes I just cannot stop thinking about answers for such simple questions, who am I? What am I able to do? Why am I in this place? Am I that creative and imaginative that I always want to be? Always the beginning of thoughts starts form my childhood. I remember all the times I fixed the problems my family had in the house, and every time one of my family or my friends called me because they had a problem with their cars that they had had no idea about what is wrong with it, even some of them named my number on their phones “The Preparer”.

All of that happened in the past. On a time I have not even thought about my dreams and what I wanted to be in the future. Some how I decided that I should try to be away from everyone I knew, and where the idea of studying abroad came to my mind.

Nowadays I am here in Morgantown trying to approach my goals. While that is happening I was surprised to know some of greatest teachers in the world, teachers that I have never thought I would see.

Some how I just felt myself studying about people personalities, and I have to match my self to those kinds of personalities. I never thought of something like this, I mean when I saw those types I could not just put myself under one of them. Each one remembers me with a certain time of my life. When I see the type “ Team Player “, I saw myself when I was on the school working in groups with my colleagues to find a result on the chemistry lab or working in project or something else. Moreover all the times I see the type “ brain “, all the issues I figured out, all the cars I fixed, and all the problems I came up with a solution for them came into my mind. In all what I mean is that for every kind of situation every person should be under some type of those personalities. When it is about working in groups, you should be, act, and think like a Team Player. If it is just you and you faced a problem or issue you might want to think and do what a Brain person thinks and does. So it goes like this way.




There are a lot of personality in the humans such as optimistic, pessimistic, subjective, objective, imaginative, creative, and more. Therefore, human’s personality is infinite. I think it is very interesting that there are uncountable characters in the world. Then, what is my personality? What personality do I have?

First, I am rather pessimist. For that reason, I am so shy, and I do not talk to other people very well. I always think negative things. For example, in the first week of IEP, I could not talk with other people because almost all classmates spoke Arabic at break time. Of course, I cannot understand Arabic because I am Japanese. At this moment, my heart was broken. I was brimming over with negative things such as I cannot make friends in IEP. In addition, I am creative person. I like playing the music so much, and composing music. I can play the guitar, bass guitar, and drams. I play the music in my home every day in Japan, and I participate in a band as a bassist. Finally, I am philosophical. I like reading. I read a lot of books. In one of the books, the famous philosopher, Pascal, said humans is a thinking reed. I like this word because I think the word mean that humans is dead when humans quit thinking. Therefore, humans become only reed when they quit thinking. For this reason, I want to continue to think until my body is dead.

In conclusion, I have a lot of personality, and, of course, other people have a lot of personality. Consequently, humans are interesting. I am looking forward to meeting humans which I have never seen in the future.

My Personality !

Hi everyone !

I want to talk about Personalities in general , also i will talk especially about mine.

There are many kinds of Personalities and there isn’t a person who doesn’t has a Personality, so how can we know any person’s Personality? there are many ways to know , you can know your friend’s Personality when you saw him deals with problems or when he has tough times, like someone in his family passed away or he took bad degrees in his final , his reaction will let you know his Personality! , And keep in your mind it’s very difficult to find someone like your’s Personality .

I’m very shy , because that’s evolved with me from childhood , and i know it’s bad and i’m trying to disposal this bad behavior , but also there are good things on my Personality , like i’m very Optimistic i don’t like to feel disappointed , and also i’m not angry man and no one can make me angry quickly , also there is a good thing on my Personality all my family they told me it’s very good thing  , which i don’t make any decision before i think about it very well and ask advices about it , if it good or bad decision , and the special thing in my Personality , i’m very quiet , my teachers , my friends my family they told me that . some of them said it’s bad and the other said it’s good .

In my opinion if you want to become a friend with someone you should know his Personality to can you treat with him , and you should not looking for a friend he has like your Personality , because everyone has his own Personality .

My Personality

In our life we have variety of personality, and we two main personalities. The first one is optimistic, and the second one is pessimistic.

Sometimes you to know a person to observe his personality. Sometimes I tend to be an optimistic person. I am a football player and sometimes I get angry when I lose the game, but I know that better games are ahead of my team, so in this case I become an optimistic person.

On the other hand, I tend to be a pessimistic person when I get a big trouble. One day, I got a trouble with my university when I got a low grade and I might get fired from the university. In this time I was like the world turn to black color and I will not have good days.

In the end, many people are optimistic and many people are pessimistic, and we need these two kind of personality in our life.

My personality

My name is Ayed AL ahababi  . I am from the United Arab Emirates. My age is 20 years old. I am studying in America. I’m smart and respectable.


In the first place, a lot of people thought that I do not like to have friends, but this is not true, and I think that there are some people do not know about my personality Shi. I love to have friends from all over the world to learn about the cultures of other countries. Also, I loved drawing and reading stories too much. Also, I’m an optimistic person and I don’t like people pessimists.


Finally, the people in the world are different, and each one has different qualities and dreams for the other. my dream to become a successful petroleum engineer.

My personality

Saad alessa

Gold A2


My personality



Every person has special personality also it is depending about his culture and how did he live and with whom. Some times the personality based on how he grows up until he dies. For example some times the boys and girls gain their personality form their parents. You can see this example in your home with your brothers and sister.



In my home everyone of us has a special personality based on our the ages. Now I’m 20 years old I when I came to US to study I was 18 years old. It means I was teenager I was doing everything I want. No one can judge me and help me for anything, I take my own responsibility. This experience changed my maid about a lot of things and helped me to be a stronger man also I can handle every obstacle I faced without anyone’s help.



A lot of people they cannot do their jobs with themselves. Because everyone wants their work to be done without putting any afford. In the age of 20-25 they should be clear capable to do their own business without any help. Some people are still spoiled. I think they should do everything by themselves and learn from their mistakes to be a better person.