Mohammad AlHajri

Summerize My research

Actually my source is taxing junk food to counter obesity, it  talks about how will tax benefit us if the government put it. Also they write about  how they expect  tax on junk food will make the people reduce eating it. In addition the mentione some countries experience with tax. For example, Denmark is the first country put tax on fat food  to reducing the diseases that come from junk food. In fact the authors talk about how the tax will benefit the government because now everyone buys junk food every day. Also that will make the people increase eating healthy food which it will protect all the people from the diseases that come from it such as, heart attack. they also talk about the evidences that shows  people are addictive to junk food  are increasing. Also how will tax will effect various population , further more that will benefit especially children. They also talks about soft drinks and snacks, how dangerous are the they, also it needs tax because it contains with unhealthy food. People wit tax on junk food will increase buying healthy food which will benefit them or good for their health. In the end they say people will notice their life will change with taxing junk food because they will probably gain more energy.

Beauty in ancient Egypt

In my opinion each culture has their ways to define the beauty,however I think that was in the past. I think now we probably define the beauty at a same way but not exactly 100% present same, I think the reason of that is now all the people connect with each other simply so maybe some people mix their definition of beauty with others,so that’s why I wrote same but still not exactly. In fact if we go back to the past we will notice a lot of different between the beauty in each culture why, because they didn’t know each other well or they didn’t connect with another culture. Actually I prefer one of the old definition of the past, I prefer how ancient Egypt defined it. In ancient Egypt they preferred the women who has a big eyes and the smell of the women. They had to many ways to make their eyes big but the most popular one is to use eyeliner. Some books said they had a unique kinds of eyeliner that people haven’t found it yet. About the smell they focused in body and mouth smell. In fact ancient Egypt is the first culture discovered that gum is key to make the smell of their mouths pretty. All in all our life changed too many times until we became know each other well, I hope I gave a new or a good knowledge.

For My Teachers

Mohammad Alhajri.

Dear my teachers, in the beginning I would like to thank you for helping me to study and understand English, also I appreciate your hard working to make our class easy and organize but I have a small problem I think it’s hard to fix it but it’s not impassible. My problem is some days I don’t have anything to do it just a free day,how ever some days I have a lot of quizzes and homeworkers in one day so if you try to make schedule for our quizzes and homeworkers ,that’s  will help us to gain more knowledge in my view. For example Monday it’s a day for reading and writing homeworkers and quizzes ,Tuesday for vocabulary and one of the elective classes, Wednesday for comm skills homeworkers and quizzes, Thursday for the other elective class that you don’t choose it in Tuesday, Friday will be for Grammar quizzes and homeworkers. I think in this way we will have a enough time to study, understand and prepare for class. I know it’s hard to do that in summer but I assert that I feel tired in fourth week in the semester which it early to feel that.

For all my lovely Teachers

Summer in Morgantown 3

Summer in morgantown still doing fine with me and i really happy this week because i found a new way to memorize the new vocab words. Actually i didn’t mean for vocab class only but for all the class and any word i notice will benift me. In fact i started do that this week, to be honest it worked with me until now. Also another thing i’mvery happy about it is the word cup started this week, actually i very intersted about it but ther is something makes me a littile bit angry is the time of the matches because some matches start at 12 pm. Autually this year most of people say brazil is going to win the cup but i don’t think so because Brazil doesn’t have an experince players this year, most of them are playing at the first time in this competition. I think Germany has a chance to win this time because they did well to prepare for this cup, in addition if we go back to Germany history in last three world cups we will notice Germany arrived in the final one time and semifinal two times, so this year i think they learned from their mistakes, also this year they have a lot of professional players such as Lahm and Klose. All in all , watching world cup makes the summer in Morgantown more interesting. 


Financial Goals

Today I’m going to write about my financial goals, I think I already have plan for that, actually I’m making a budget for bay a car, bay a house and get married. In fact the most important thing is making control to my self,what do I mean?, I mean how I can spend my money in appropriate way. For example buy what I need not every thing such as foods, clothes, rent and bills. After I finish from all of these things I can save a surplus money of my salary to buy a car. Actually I haven’t finish yet for gathering money to buy car,however I already made another plan for what I will do after I buy a car, my plan is making a budget from surplus money of my salary to get a house in my country, maybe that will take a long time but I have to start now to make the time shorter. I wrote now because I still young I don’t want to wist my money in crazy way I have to think about tomorrow. The last plan is after I buy I house that means I protect my self and it means I willing to married so the new plan now is make budget to get married. In the end I wish my plans will continue with out any problems that affect my plans.

My Summer in Morgantown

Actually this week I had a lot of fun because I tried to play volleyball and I met one of my high school students, however I had a hard week in IEP but until now I think I did very well, I still have quiz tomorrow so I wish I can get a good score. First volleyball, actually when I was in middle school I was a good player at volleyball but one day I had injury on both my shoulders when I was playing volleyball, after this injury I afraid to play this game, but this week I played volleyball and I haven’t fell any pain. Actually two days ago I notice face I have seen it a lot but I was tilling my self no that’s impossible but when he saw me and came that wasn’t impossible because I realized that he is one of my high school student, he came here to be an engineer and he will start to attend classes at fall semester, he already has TOEFL score above 500 so he didn’t apply for IEP, it’s extremely fun when met someone not in your country you spent a lot of time with him at the same school, that made me think how the world small.

My personality

In fact, my personality is not perfect and not bad. I mean I have some positive qualities and some negative qualities. Actually some of my positive qualities are humble,friendly,helpful,outgoing and serious. Let me talk about humble, actually I inherited this adjective from my father, actually it’s easy act to be humble but it’s hard to keep at the same performance, i don’t mean I’m acting to be humble but I’m talking about some kinds of people. “That was my father wisdom”. I think I’m friendly because I have too many friends,also I think I’m friendly because I have sweetheart. I like to be helpful for a lot of reasons for example, people like and respect me, if I help someone of course I will learn from his mistakes, to spend my time at a good way. I’m pretty sure I’m outgoing person because I don’t like stay at my home I like hangout with my friends, workout, travel with my family and friends and even study I like study out of my home. To be honest I’m not always serious,however, it depends in witch situation I’m in such as at school if I have test or quiz I have to be serious, if I hangout with my friends to somewhere of course I won’t be serious. One of my  negative quality is  moody. Actually sometimes i feel I’m moody person because I feel angry quick,however I’m able to be normal quick too if the thing that makes me anger stop bother me. All in all, people are different, each one has a different qualities, I agree with that try to be optimistic but not in all conditions, so try to watch your behavior. Respect all the people so they will respect you.

Summer in Morgantown

In my opinion summer in Morgantown are wonderful and crazy.Actually it’s wonderful because I can do a lot of things for example,hang out with my friends. We can go to Coopers Rock State Park,it’s such awesome place to spend my time there.What I can do there?. I can enjoy looking at nature,I’m able to camp there,I can cook there “There are some particular places to cook my food or grill it” ,I can find some lakes there and i like to go there to get relax from everything. Also it’s a good time for people they like to swim, also there are some famous places at for swimming pool such as wvu ridge center, Domain complex and West Run complex. Also I can enjoy the apartments sales for example, Copper beach, West Run and Domain.In fact the most interesting thing I do it in the summer in Morgantown is work out because a lot of people have free time for that and I enjoying work out with them. Actually when I mentioned crazy I meant the weather. Weather at summer season in Morgantown is crazy because I don’t what I can wear for instance in the morning it’s raining  afternoon it’s sunny at night it’s cold, so I can try all the seasons at one day. All in all really I’ m having a great time now in Morgantown,however if I still shocked from the weather because that’s my first time to try Morgantown in the summer but I still having fun.