Suliman AlRadhi

Research Summary

Time management is something really important in our life. We should keep in our mind that we have to manage our time to get more free time and to get everyday’s task done. By helping yourself making a list, you are going to make yourself organized and living a much more simple life. I looked for some researches and all of them agreed that if you manage your time you could have these result. Also, they say that you can save more money if you manage your time. For example, if you wake up early you will be able to catch the bus instead of taking a taxi. Moreover, you can make your own breakfast which is much cheaper than heading to Starbucks before going to work or school and that was something I experienced lately. Nevertheless, everyone has the same amount of time each day but the only thing about those who are good with their time that they were planed to manage it. In my point of view, I think that all the authors have agreed that when you use the time management you will have much more simple and easy life. All I can say, that I have tried it and it worked great with me.

Fashion Comparison

There are little similarities and many differences about fashion between me and Othman. It depends on people’s passion or taste in how they choose their clothes. First of all, i’m going to talk about similarities which we both like to wear jeans and T-shirts. Also, we both like to wear casual and comfortable clothes. Also, we both agree to dress up for occasions and in our home country  we both wear our tradition dress which is “Thob”. On the other hand, I like to wear classic fit pants and trousers but Othman likes the casual fit jeans only. Nevertheless, I like to wear shorts and polo shirts and I like them to be matched together but Othman hates the the shorts and the polo shirts. For the shoes, we both like sneakers but I prefer the boot more, especially those with short tail. We also like the flip flop or slippers but Othman prefer the sandals. Moreover, Othman likes to have his hair covered especially with caps and for me I hate to cover my head with any thing. I like short hair cut with having back hairdressing. For colors, I like normal colors and I like the beige pants but Othman likes the dark color and jeans with dark blue or black. As you can see, there are little similarities and many differences about fashion between me and Othman.

What is Beauty?

Beauty has a lot of different definitions, it depends on the people’s opinion. In my opinion, beauty is first your ethics and the way you deal with people. For example, if a person wearing the best clothes and he talks to you in a bad language you wouldn’t consider them beautiful. In every culture they define beauty the way they want and i’m going to choose Kenya to speak about their beauty definition which is strange to me. First of all, they like to elongate their ears and they put too tall ear rings so they can attract attentions. They also like to remove lower two teeth from girls and they like them having their hair shaved. Moreover, they like the girls that can hunt lions as something tradition. Also, they like to make lip plates and they usually do it sex months or a year earlier before marriage and they said the bigger  the lip plate, the stronger the woman withstand. Also, they believe that scarification for men and women are much more beautiful. They also put it everywhere they want, they can put it in their legs, belly, back or even in their faces.  In conclusion, it does not really matter how beautiful you are as it matter how polite and respectful you are. I think that those how doesn’t believe in themselves as they are beautiful they should know that just the beautify definition is the problem.

Complaining about a Problem


Dear all gold A teachers,

With all due respect, as an IEP student  i’m writing to complain about the massive amount of homework. We all should do our homework in a specific time and all the teachers are trying their best to give as many homework as they could. Moreover, each teacher has his own blog and paper work and imagine how many teacher we have multiply by the quantity of  homework. On the other hand, most of the IEP students are internationals and they need more time to do their own tasks such as cocking (some of us can’t afford to buy fast food or they just don’t like it), laundry and cleaning their apartment. Also, we need to go to the embassy or to the Division of Motor Vehicle sometimes and that could cause us to be late for submitting the homework. In conclusion, I think if all the teachers made a meeting to arrange for a shared homework schedule so every teacher can give one or two homework a week so the student will have more time to do homework and he could easily manage his time and efficiency.


Suliman Alradhi
Gold A3 Student

My Summer in Morgantown 3

After one month of being in Morgantown, I have decided to visit some places nearby. One of the famous city that I have heard about is Pittsburgh “steel city”. My cousin who has been living here in Morgantown for almost two years told that the best thing of being here in Morgantown is that Pittsburgh not far away. Also, I have been to some campgrounds near Morgantown and I have camped there for two days and it was totally different experience than my home country where we used to camp in the desert and we don’t see green area and too many trees. Last week, I went with all of my friends to the Deep Creek park and we have rented a lake house that contains a pool and so many recreations facilities in the house. Moreover, we have rented a boat and we enjoyed ridding it in the lake, we pulled a tube that you can ride and I tried both driving the boat and ridding the tube and it was fabulous activity but it was also little dangerous. In conclusion, there is a lot of activities and places in and near Morgantown that you can visit and enjoy your time in.

My Financial Goals

          There are many ways to stay with your means and i’m trying my best to keep myself a goal oriented. Achieving your financial goals is sometimes difficult because life requires a lot and you try be careful managing things.

          First of all, i’m trying to apply for a scholarship which is offered by my government so they would pay for the college tuition and they will also provide me a salary. I will be able to manage my financial budget. They will also provide a health insurance and a round trip ticket annually. Second, I should be away from from debit and never get a loan. For example, I would rather using the cash instead of the plastic money “credit card”. Also, I am planning to buy an economic car as soon as I get the scholarship. In my point of you, a car is really important to me because I want it to travel during the weekends and the holidays. Moreover, I am trying to save some money in case if I get graduated and I did not find a job in the future because the unemployment rate is high in my country. In conclusion, as a college student is really important to managing financial goals in order to stay with clear sheet of debit and those were my financial goals.

My Summer in Morgantown 2

After almost three weeks of staying in Morgantown, I started to look around for the most visited places. Restaurants to be precise, to have a taste of the American food. I noticed as I said before that its mostly unhealthy, but its fast to make which I consider a good thing in my opinion. The reason why I think that it is good is that I consider my self a person who hates to wait in the lines or a person without patient. Some of the restaurants I like the most is the Taziki’s, Jasmin grill and lastly Long Horn. Taziki’s in my opinion is the most healthier choice because they got some grilled chicken and they also offer their optional salads if I want to have a healthy food. Also, Jasmin grill is really good too where you can find the Arabic food and especially Syrian food such as, Sish Tawook and Shaworma sandwiches.Nevertheless, Long Horn has one of the best steaks I have ever tasted it is well prepared and a quite place to have dinner in the weekends not to much of the cheap menu but its worth the money if it tastes that good. Other thing I liked in Morgantown or the U.S.A in general that you guys have the best supermarkets I have ever lay a foot in like Walmart and Kroger they have everything you need. When I first came here I didn’t know where to get my home supplies from, so I asked a friend of mine who told me about it and I got everything I need for my apartment in one day. Thanks to the variety of things they sell in one store, it was unbelievable and outstanding. This cover most of the things I did so far, looking forward for the upcoming weeks here in Morgantown to see what this city is hiding for me.

My Personality

          Every person on the world has different personality and different way of thinking and it all express their feeling and their ethics. First of all, I find my self honest I never  lie I always till the truth whatever happens. Also, i’m outgoing or get long with people easily. I like hanging out and I always want to try new things but sometimes it affects on me negatively. For example, I always call my friends to go out and when I am their I remember that I have a homework. Moreover, I feel that I am an optimistic I am actually looking toward the future with stunning look. I also admit that I have had a bad experience working as a mechanical technician in a petroleum company and sometime I regret wasting five years working with them but I usually say that it is not wasting I at least learned new things. I actually keep trying not to look in the past and I motivate my self a lot. In addition, i’m kind of talkative person I like chatting too much especially when it is about something I like. What I hate about that, sometimes it is annoying when your friends got used to you talking and when you have nothing to talk about they feel sad about you while you are just have nothing to talk about. Finally, our personalities can be affected by the nature we grow up in, by the culture we live in and by the surrounded norms.

Summer in Morgantown

Morgantown is a city surrounded by a green mountain and lakes where you can find pure and fresh air. It is also a small city that is located in the north of West Virginia. I arrived at Morgantown in 05-19-14 and I had a culture shock about the food where it is really greasy and oily. On the other hand, I enjoyed the wonderful weather because it is so breezy and nice compare to my hometown’s weather where its usually hot and dry. Also, I have visited a magnificent lake called Cheat Lake where the mountain is green and the lake is in the middle were also fishermen who were there for fishing. Nevertheless, I found a great luxury apartment which is not far from the IEP area and what surprised me is that most of the houses here are made of wood and I thought in such an unbalanced weather will not be easy to use wood.

When I first came to Morgantown I had in mind that my English level was going to be easy communicating with people but then I discovered that i have a poor pronunciation which led most people whom I talked to finding difficulties was to understand me properly. Also, I had difficulties being in a weather like this where it rains a lot and I did not get used to a rainy weather. In contrast, it was so easy going to the school and there is a lot of transportations. In addition, I found the people here are so kind, cheerful and helpful which resulted in making friends easily. in short words, it is one of the interesting experiences and I am looking forward to visit other cities in the United States. “God bless America”