Othman AlHaidar

Complaining about a problem


problem subject: miscommunication

to all GoldA Teachers please excuse me for what am about to say. The problem that I saw as a first time studen here In the IEP. Is that I find that there is no communication between teachers. What i mean by that is that you guys teach this semester thinking that your the only teacher that’s teaching English by using your own agenda. This will create more work for us because. For us we are faced with too many projects at the same time. I know that this is normal but to keep up with all the work plus the ┬ápressure of getting everything in time is so unreal for me. Some people may not have this problem but this is based on my resiliance to keep up with all this work.

Summer in Morgantown 3

This weekend I tried to do something different other than gaming all night. I tried to cook for the first time, and I tried to do the same thing I saw Suliman my friend did when he cooked the meal for us. I’ll explain that in detail later on. so I tried to cook something for a beginner, like an egg and I did pretty well. so I got excited and I cooked my first burger and it got Tomatos And purple onion and everything u need in a good burger and it tasted so amazing. So I decided to use this new skill to save money. ┬áRather than paying ten dollars for food every meal. I’ll start cooking my own food and save money for future plans. I mean ten dollars saved up everyday is not bad. The bad thing About cooking is that the spices here in the united state are basic or simple if I may say so it’s not like what we have back home. where it’s full of flavors. Darn it all this talk about food made me hungry. think I’ll go make something now. I might try something difficult to challenge my skill. Am so gonna get destroyed I just feel it…

Summer in Morgantown 2

It’s been almost a month now in Morgantown and my entertainment tools has arrived I got my comcast modem and my ps4 ready as well as the tv they are doing their job nicely but there always something missing sure their is the Hollywood theater but that’s not enough for me my addiction is kicking in every day when I wake up and look at my room only to see that I have no PC to login on my favorite game so what am trying to do is try to avoid these thoughts and try to enjoy my life without it I’ve watched a lot of movies like a million ways to die in the west which was a funny experience because the movie was so funny that all the poeple in the theater were laughing so hard that I couldn’t hear the movie. Am trying to go to Pittsburg this week end because I heared a lot of people talking about it and the life there is different in Morgantown it’s more thrilling and they have better shops better restaurants and so on and so on. Looking forward to try to go there by the megabits I heared that they have wifi and everything in that bus so you won’t get bored of the long trip hoping for the best.