Ali Buabbas

Research Findings

In my research, I have explained every thing about the children obesity. About the obesity effect in their body, the ban effect in the traders and the traders reaction effect in the government. My research leans on many researches by many professors and universities. Also, I have explained the advantages and the disadvantages of the banning. And I have showed you that the government should make the ban because of the benefit of that to our children health and to their future. I have tolled you that the obesity grows up by more than double percentage from the last twenty year. I have said in my research that this problem going to grow up every day. We must do some thing to stop it. I have given an idea I have get it from UK magazine. It said that we should make a tax for the junk food. When I made my searching about the result of this idea. I have found that it is success. So, I discuss to make it in our country to help our children from that disease.

Comparing and discussing about fashion

Hi everyone, my name is Mohammad Sadeq and my partner’s name is Ali Buabbas and we will compare about our fashion tastes and styles. Both of us have our own taste with the clothes or generally the style.

We will talk about the clothes that we love to wear. In my own taste I like to wear the bright colored clothes that can attract attention everywhere such as bright blue, green, orange and yellow t-shirts with a shoe that is the same color of the t-shirt. Also my favourite thing is the sunglass I like to wear those too, especially if the sun is to strong and I usually wears snap pack if my hair not tidy at the morning after waking up from the bed to go to the university. On the other hand, Ali is quit different; he likes to wear expensive clothes such as Armani and Hackett. Also he doesn’t love to wear bright colors, he prefers to wear dark one, like dark blue, black and purple. He also likes to wear sunglasses like me. So we are not quit the same with clothes that we wear. However there are some things that we both like, such as tattoos and we will have one soon. Also the shoes taste is the same, we both like to wear running shoes because they are comfortable.

In Conclusion, there are differences between each person and each one loves what he thinks is comfortable or looking good on him.

The beauty


All countries have a different beauty and cultures. Some times many countries have the same beauty because they are in the same society. Sometimes in the same country they have many beauty and cultures. Sometimes all family has a different beauty and cultures.


First of all, today I want to talk about the beauty in Africa. They are many type of African such as: white people, black people, Arabic people and the other African language. Secondly, I want to start with the white people. The white people in the Africa they were under France colonization. The beauty like Europe beauty or like the France beauty. Thirdly, the black African. They have many different beauty and cultures. I want tell you about black African fashion. They always like to wear a vivid color and many strange clothes. They always make a new cut hair. They always are different. There mind is different the beauty is different. Everything is different than other. Finally, I want to talk about my country and the beauty and cultures in my country. In my country everything new the people ware it. But in my country we have folk costume.


In conclusion, the beauty is different around the world. All people like something different other people. This is the life.

Complaining about a problem

Dear teachers,


Hi teachers I hope that you are fine. Today I am writing to you this message about my problem in Morgantown. I think all people in Morgantown or in another city or town are having some problem. This is the life. My problem in Morgantown that the IEP spend a lot of time everyday. In Morgantown we have REC center and the REC center in summer close at 9 o’clock. I can’t go to the REC center because I don’t have anytime. Everyday I have a lot of homework to do. In Morgantown we don’t have many activities to do only the REC center and I can’t go because I need to take a rest and I have many homework and quiz everyday. I can’t do any type of sport. I have another problem In Morgantown but it’s not WVU. The gas is too expensive and my car spends a lot of gas. The gas price in Morgantown some time reaches 4 USD. On the other hand in my country the gas cheaper than the bottle of water. The last problem that I face in Morgantown there is a lot of holes in the roads. They need to fix it. This problem disturbs many people and In Morgantown there is a road is very bad and the American people write in the road fix me. If you solve all of this problems that will be awesome.


Best wishes,

Ali Buabbas

Summer in Morgantown 3

Summer is one of four season in the year. I think it’s the best season for many people. Summer comes after spring season. In Morgantown summer is fine and good for people. Summer is good for all people in Morgantown because the weather is warm and all people can do many thing such as: swimming , playing soccer and tanning.

First of all, my summer in Morgantown is very existing and interesting. In Summer the most people are Arabs. Because american people always travel in summer to another states. I think they go to another states because this is the biggest holiday in the year. Secondly, I always in the morning going to IEP to study English. The IEP mean Intensive English Program. Thirdly, Rec center , I am always go to the Rec center to build my body and play many sports such us: climbing , swimming and table tennis. Finally, I always like to go to Chills restaurant in the dinner and eat many delicious food. In Morgantown we have many good restaurant.

I strongly believe that is Morgantown is an amazing place for study. it’s very quite place and good to make a relax and study. In my opinion WVU is one of the best university in the United States.

Financial goals

All people have goals in this life. They have a different goals. Maybe some people see the other people goals is not good or is not important. But this is the life and all people see the life in a different point of view.


First of all , my big goal in my life is to graduate from WVU and my major is Civil Engineering. It’s my big dream and I hope I can do it as soon as possible. I have a scholarship  and I have everything to success. Secondly, I want to get married after I graduate from WVU and make a big family. But not absolutely after graduate I must work first. My big deal in this life be a big engineering and have a great family. Thirdly, I want to begin saving money from know to buy a good for me and my our family after 15 years. Because, in Kuwait all the houses it’s very expensive. All people in Kuwait wait to 10 years minimum to get a good house. Finally, I want to make a big engineering company to build roads and make maintenance for all the roads in Kuwait city.


I strongly believe , all people have a different goals. I don’t believe that some people living without goals.