Husain Husain

Research Finding

For my research I chose a young professional athletes. I found three useful article one of them are against and the others are with. actually, I am with being and encourage the young professional athletic but I use the against article to support my paper. However, being a young professional athlete has a lot of advantage like organising your time and make you rich and famous. All of these thing dose not come with out effort. Hard working is the way to be a young athlete. increase the time of your training help you to be better. In fact, being a young athlete dose not depend on the physical training it Also depends on the mental training. Mental exercises help the athlete to increase his skills. For example, it may changes his reaction and his speed of thinking in the game. On the other hand, being young professional athlete may led to a death. There are many athletes who had an bad injuries that ended their careers and make them disable to walk or live their old life. In my opinion, every thing have advantages and disadvantages thus I prefer that parents need to encourage their children if they have a talent or skills.

What is Beauty ?

The meaning of beauty changes from person to person. Some poeple see the beauty from the clothes and fashion others from manners and ethics. However, every different culture and place have a different way to express beauty. For example, Surma people who lives in Ethiopia in Africa. These people wear weard thing on there faces and have a strange haircuts. There are three groups all of them speak the same language. the population of them is 186,000. There homeland located in the mountains. When they get to the age of marriage they prepare their woman by removing the women bottom teeth and but something like a huge ring on their lips. However, they paint their children’s with white colour and some dotes on their faces and bodies.

In sum, the meaning of beauty changes from culture to other thus we should respect the others opinion or the way that they see the beauty.




My Summer in Morgantown 3

One of the most seasons that people like is summer Specaily for student. Some of them returns to their country and some stay in morgantown to study. For me this summer is so special because world cup have been starting and everyday we are watching the matchs with friends in some one apartment. After that I go to the rec center with my friends.

First of all, what makes this summer perrety good is the world cup. After we finish our calsses in the iep we go to one of our friends apartment and gather their to see the matchs. The atmosphere is really awsome everyone is fighting for his team.  and we have a friend  who is a proffessional cocker. He makes the food every time and it is so perfect. After that, we go to the rec center to play some sports. The most sport that I like is soccer but we actually playes sqwash. I was a good player but lose my skills. I am trying to work hard to return my skills in this game.

In sum, to be honest summer in morgantown is so boring but my friends and i trying to plan for some now things. Also, we put this plan to have some new activities to do her.

My Financial Goals

Every person has a goal to achieve in this small world. some of them want a sport car and some want to have a lot of money. However, money is nothing for me and I do not look for sport car. I think my goals are joining West Virginia university and to rase a family. Also I would like to travel Spain.

First of all, I think the most thing that I am thinking for is to join the university and to graduate with a bachelor degree in civil engineering. When I achieve this goal I will think about getting a masters then a doctorate degree. Secondly, I think I am ready to have to rase a family But I need to join the university first then I will think seriously about it. Thirdly, going to Spain is my next goal. I want to go to Spain to visit Real Madrid stadium which they called Santiago bernabeu. Also, I want to see the classico match between Barcelona and Real Madrid because the atmosphere their is quietly different. The fans are everywhere and you can see the players live.

In summary, everyone have a goals in this life and want to achieve so people need to work hard to achieve their dreams. For me I believe strongly that people needs some lack to make their dreams become true.

My Summer in Morgantown 2

last weekend, my friends and I were in our friend’s apartment trying to find anything to do in the weekend. First, we started to give some suggestions. We though a lot about doing some activities in Morgantown. However, we could not find anything to do because we had already done everything in Morgantown before. So we thought seriously about going to Ohio. Everyone liked this suggestion and packed their luggage. We went there with two cars. My friend was driving one of them and my friend’s farther was driving the other.

At the begging of the trip, we planed to sleep three nights their but as soon as we arrived we changed our minds. We slept one night their. In the next day, we went to cedar point it is a them park in Ohio. This them park have a lot of dangerous games. For example, we played the fastest game ever. It is a roller coaster that goes as fast as 120 miles. Also, we played many other games but that was the most interested game in cedar park. We finished at 6 pm and went back to Morgantown to do our homework.

I am not interested in these things but I had some fun with my friends instead of setting in Morgantown without doing anything.

My Personality

There are many types of personality in these world but it is hard to find which one you are. Being optimistic or pessimistic count as a quality for your personality. Being funny or serious count as well. I think am more optimistic than pessimistic. Moreover, my family and friends think that I am so quite but friendly and funny.

Being an optimistic person give you the opportunity to be funny and friendly. It make you smile a lot and see the life in a simple way. If you want to be optimistic try to teach yourself nothing is hard. “I can do anything” these words can build a  positive feelings inside your heart and mind. Also, having a positive person who encourage you when you feel frustrated is one of the most important things for me. In addition, my friends and family thinks I am funny but quite. Sometimes I go crazy and talk a lot with out stopping but it happens once every year. Of course every single person has many negatives for me I think I feel afraid from simple things.

In short, being optimistic gave me the chance to live a wonderful life without any problems. Also, being friendly gave me the opportunity to have many different kind of friends and make me more likeable person.

My Summer in Morgantown

This summer is the first summer in Morgantown and I am new student in Morgantown. I spent four months in Blacksburg. I decided to transfer from Blacksburg to Morgantown in February. Before two weeks I arrived to Morgantown to study english in the IEP then I intend to join the university after this course. I think Morgantown is to bored because there are no many activities in it. However, my main goals in this summer is to take the TOEFL to join the university.

The first impression that I felt when I arrived her was discouragement. But as soon as I saw my friends and cousins I felt great. Now I have many plans for the summer one of them is going to Pittsburgh to enjoy skydiving. Moreover, I am waiting for my family to arrived because we decided to go to Orlando. In addition, I will spend most of my time in Morgantown with my friend playing some sports like soccer and squash. Also, we have a specific day to meet each other in my friend apartment. Moreover, I go to the gym every day with them.

In conclusion, I think Morgantown is better than my old place Blacksburg because here I have many friend and my a cousins are here. Also, there are more activities here that I can do specially in summer with my friends.