Iman Zulkapeli

research findings

Based on my research, i find out that junk food advertisement is a common phenomena that happens in every developed country in the world. It is always a controversial issue in every country because the government try to reduce the junk food advertisement in order to have a healthy and productive citizens. Even the junk food company itself, make an initiative to prevent kids from getting influenced with the junk food advertisements. By advertising a product on TV, a company can make a lot of money because people will get attracted to their product and will buy it. It also happened to any company that sells any kind of product, as the media plays an important role to promote and spread some information. As the matter of fact, junk foods contain some chemicals that will make people that eat it become addicted to it. It can also brings harm to human’s health if they keep eating junk food and have no awareness about it. I also started to realize that junk food is also costly, contrary with what most people thought about it. Believe it or not, home-cook food cost more cheaper than if we buy junk food and it is way more healthy too. In addition, the junk food usually have a set of meal for kids that contain toys in order to attract them although it is a useless and boring toy to play with, to be honest.

What is beauty?

lip plate


Beauty is very subjective and people define beauty differently from one another. The definition of beauty varies and it depends on our surrounding and culture. Maybe we found out that some trends were  totally horrendous but we never knew what peoples from the other side of the world thought about it.

In Ethiopia, Africa, women that wear a lip plates or lip disk were defined as beautiful. It is a circular plate that located at the bottom or upper parts of the lips. Women gets their lips cut and inserted a wooden peg. Then, after a few weeks of recovering from the wounds, they will put a circular plate that are usually made from wood or clay to the holes of their lips. It will stretched their lips from day to day. After that, they will use a bigger plate to change  the old one so that the hole in the lips will get bigger. Most of them wore the lip plate at the bottom of their lips, and the size differs depends on the individual wishes.They usually wear the plates 10-12 months before they get married as the preparation because men in that region found out that women with bigger lips hole are more attractive and beautiful. It is a painful process but they have to embraced it because it is a part of their culture too.

My Summer In Morgantown (3)

I think i had explored enough Morgantown as it is just a small town, though it is a beautiful place. I’ve been here for about a month now and all i can say is that i like the surrounding here. I go to the classes by bus, and it is free as i have the student ID. Last weekend, me and my friends went to Indiana to attend a Malaysian games. All Malaysian in the US and Canada assembled together at the Indiana University and join the games that were held on that day. I felt so happy at that time because i have the opportunity to met so many Malaysian and we shared our experience  being in one of the states in US. On our way back here in Morgantown, we stopped at the Sandusky, Ohio because we already planned earlier to go to the amusement park there, called Cedar Point. It is an awesome amusement park i have ever went to; the ride was astonishing. We safely arrive in Morgantown at late night and thankfully we manage to get up in the morning for our classes. Usually, during the weekend, my sister and i will spent our time together at the recreational centre to play badminton. I was a bit shocked when i was told that the entrance is free if we have our student ID. There is badminton court, basketball court, swimming pool, climbing rocks wall, gym and much more. The facilities are provided too.

My Financial Goal

I believe that everyone has their own financial goal. Financial goal is a future objective on money or something worth in one’s life. It is crucial to have a financial goal in order to avoid debt or to achieve successful future that everyone are longing for.

For sure, i have my own goals too just like many of you guys. Firstly, i want to save enough money to buy my own desirable house by the age of 30. I also want to start working in a sustained company 5 years after i graduated from the university so that i can  own my allowance and start my savings. I wish to pay back all my tuitions loans after 2 years of working before buying things for myself. Then, i want to save up at least 30% of my allowance in my bank without using it in a meanwhile because i want to save it for my future or emergency. You never know what is going to happen,right? Lastly, i want to be financially independent for my second year of working. I hope to buy a car and rent a house  using my own salary without having to ask for my parents to help me pay for my own expense.

My Summer In Morgantown (2)

It has been a terrific 3 weeks for me in Morgantown. Even though 3 weeks is a short period of time, i found out that myself have fallen in love with this small town. The surrounding here is so beautiful, filled with flowers and green plants are everywhere during this summer. Everyday when i woke up in the morning,the view is breathtaking; the breeze in the morning here makes me feels so comfortable. The scenery in Morgantown is astonishing and way different from my country. Here, i can see mountains and the nature that makes my mind calm and relax, unlike when i am in my country as i lived in the middle of a stressed city. The ambience here are relaxing and helps me a lot to stay focus when i am studying. One thing that i noticed are the people here are so friendly. They like to smile and help me out if i have problems with the direction though it is a small town. While studying in the IEP, i met so many people from all around the world and make friends with them so that i  get to know better about their country. Through all this experience so far, all i can say is that i like my summer in Morgantown.

My Personalities


I am a realistic person as i always think in a realistic and practical way of what might happen in the future. I didn’t expect thing to get neither worst nor great. Instead, i expect things to turned out to be accordance on how much effort i give. I am also a dependent person alive. I can’t live alone in this world because i have to depend on someone to help me on something difficult. But i  don’t depends on people when it comes to things that is under my own responsible. I discovered that i am an adventurous too. I like to travel around the world to see how other people’s culture as i believe that every country in this world has their own unique cultures. My family and i love to go for a camping together, we will go for a camping during our pastime in a place far from the chaotic city. I love peaceful. I don’t like to put up a fight with people, i would rather talk and discuss to them in order to solve any problem we had faced. I figured that this technique is more effective than having to not to talk with your friend for a week, that is so miserable.


my summer in morgantown.

I arrived in Morgantown on may 13, and i was so nervous when i reached here because it is my first time in this country. My sister picked me up at the small airport and we immediately went to the restaurant to have our lunch because i am starving at that time. She brings me to this restaurant where they serves a local american food. The food was delicious and i am longing to go there again to try out a different food. After that, we when to her rented house and i started to unpacked my things with her help. Unfortunately, i was so exhausted that i fell asleep afterwards.

The next morning, she brings me to the university office to make my student identity card. When i get my student card, i was so excited to be a part of the “mountaineers’.Then, we went for a walk around this city and she shows me the campus and building here. As we walked, i notice that American here are talkative as they like to make friends with strangers. They also always gratitude each other all the time. This attitude make me feels great about this place.

Basically, i spent my whole summer here to get to know this place better and just enjoying the wonderful weather here! To be honest, the temperature here this summer are just perfect for me.