Ashwaq Huzaymi

Children Development

I am going to write about my research. It is about children development. Children have ability to learn and development, but they a lot of advice and orientation. Parents and society can help them to become developed. Also , their houses have active role in their development. Income have a good reason to help them. A competition between children is a good advantage in this side. Children must learn a good things inside home and others outside home. On the other hand there are a good ways to learn them like take them to theater, group playing, teach them a positive word like , please , thanks and sorry . The school also have a goal to encourage them through teach children how they can act in the school theater .The television become a community window, so our children can learn and improve over it. Parent and society have a main point for children, so they responsible to help them to achieve a nice life.

Foot Binding Beauty And Torture





There are multiple meaning of beauty . I see that Beauty  is a beautiful thing , but in some countries is considered beauty is pain.

Chinese foot is an old tradition of beauty and tortures. ”Foot binding became popular as a means of displaying status  women from wealthy families who did not need them to work could afford to have their feet bound  and was correspondingly adopted as a symbol of beauty in Chinese culture” ( It known since the old   foot binding  that the girls are already the fingers bend and break the bone at the age of three or five years to earn a beauty.  Thus, it give a good result  ,  mother in Chinese look for her son wife with the appearance of the girl’s foot.

In my opinion , I think that it is a loss for the feet, difficult to bear these habit.

complaning about a problem

WV Morgantown





MY problem is in a specific period . It is in a spring time , snow and difficulty of moving . My apartment in a high mountain. Tow month ago the weather was snowing . This was a big problem for me and my car too. My car can not driving if the weather is a lot snow . I can not take my son to Day Care. One other hand it is difficult for me go to IEP. I hope from teachers help students in the degree of attendance at this time. If the students did Lt attend and send email.


Could you please advise me?  Where is a best place to rent apartment?

I want a good place near from Day Care.




Lucky And Unlcky Trip.

                            Maryland State. It is one of the states near from Morgantown. Deep Creek is a nice place in the Maryland  . Fall is  a good time to visit Deep creek. A beautiful life, many kinds of flowers start to appear and a wonderful green nature. Deep Creek is adventure Park. Deep Creek lake Maryland is more relaxing. Last fall I visited  Maryland  specially Deep Creek park and lake. I ride A nice boat with my family. When we were middle the lake , it is raining profusely. The ad venture is very  serious and wonderful the same time. An hour’s time we were in the lake under the rain. During the trip we lucky because we found a bridge, so we stood under it. Thankfully  trip ended peacefully. Also, we visited Deep Creek twice. The second trip we went to the Park. We was planning to grill chicken. When we arrived .My husband started to grill. Then, weather was  more cloudy suddenly rain was  starting. In this time we unlucky and we did not complete the grill.   Finally, I hope to explore the terrific places which near from Morgantown.   I recommend you to visit it, I think you will be  happy.

My Financial Goals.

         I am going to write about financial goals. Always we are thinking around our life in the future. Also, we try to make a lot of plans to achieve  alot of money by get  a career . We need money to complete our studying, travelling and so on. Money is very necessary in my life. I will complete Master degree and PHD. I hope to improve English Language and then get a nice job.  Especially, I need  alot of money to achieve many goals in my life.

The first goal, I hope to get a job to help my family especially my father because he has financial lending. It gives him more  bother  in his life. He always thinking about that . Secondly, I do not forget my mother. I prefer to help here and help my family to complete the constructions of the house. Thirdly, I hope to help poor people and also I want to help the orphans. Then, I would like to buy anything I desire it and help my sweetheart. Finally, buy many value gifts for my parents, brothers, husband, son and my friends.

In  conclusion, I  think that planning for our life from the beginning help us to achieve our goals easily.

My Summer in Morgantown

I am going to write about my first experience to USA. I have been in Morgantown one years ago. I am visa2, so when I arrived and I stayed at home two month. Morgantown in spring is more boring time because it has a lot of snow.  And this is first time I missed my family. Also I had culture chock. I always think how I can study hear, different world, people and Language. Then, snow ended and the summer started, a beautiful nature, a nice weather. I felt comfortable and I became an optimistic. I am learning English in IEP. I got two level. I started to look for a nice places to visit them .People in Morgantown are helpful.  Every weekend I am doing trip to new place with my husband. I visited Pittsburgh more than once. It is   a large state. Last fall, I visited Washington DC. I visited many places like, White House, a lot of museums like, planes museum, Deep Creek in Maryland, Six flag in Virginia and Hershey city. It is a wonderful. In addition, I like shopping. There are many stores and one Mall in Morgantown, but I like the Tanager Outlet Mall in Pittsburgh. It is easy and nice Mall to shop. Furthermore, I experimented Morgantown Airport. It is a first time to me to saw a small airport and a small plane .Whatever, I  enjoyed the wonderful weather in Morgantown over the summer.

My Personality.

My personality means how I deal  with myself and people. I must control my personality and try to be better and  then  to be a good person in the community. three years ago  I co-project . This project his name Pioneers project. it is designed to volunteer works. I joined for it , because I prefer to help people I  like to work well with other people. Furthermore, I remembered  my friend when I studied in a high school. She usually says you always is busy . I answered I like to run all the time in everything is useful. She said for me what are you doing if you get married. I got married and I have  a son. I am so busy with family  . SO,  I could  not life without them , because I really love them. Also I would like to be an effective woman in my society. I like doing Corochet and reading specially during free time. I am very optimistic in my live . Always I like to learn a new thing in my life. I hope to be my kids distinct in their lives. I hope to speak a good English Language fluently. I came to USA with my husband to investigate my dream . In the beginning I felt shocked and Pessimism. I could not understand people here, a strange world in the Language and feel. After one years ago. I  was able to overcome some difficulties in the Language skills. I hope to get a good required in the TOEFL and IELTS test to complete  my studying  . I recommend everyone to be optimistic do not worry about English learning . We need more practice and study hard and should to be more positive persons in our  life.

Summer In Morgantown

Morgantown is the largest city in  North-central West Virginia . In my opinion, summer in Morgantown has many advantages different from other town in West Virginia. First of all, weather is very nice over the summer. Second, there is not traffic, because many students move out to spend vacation with their family. Thirdly, there are  a beautiful River and  a nice Real trail that help you if you want to do exercise .There is  a Coopers Rock resort . It is a wonderful park and has charming natural. Also there is  the airport  that help you if you want to travel in weekend and come back  early to complete your studying. There is a Farmer Market every Saturday. It has many fresh foods like chicken, bread, fruits , vegetables , etc. Finally, you can study in Morgantown at summer because the university still stays open. On the other hand, if you want a best restaurants have Arabic food, there are KASAR’s restaurant and Market . it has Halal foods . There is tow Indian restaurants .The first his name Mother’s India . It is in Downtown and the second his name Safron It is  beside  the airport , their foods it is so delicious. Ithink that Morgantown is not boring over the summer you can visit its and take nwe experiences.