Maryam AlShibli

Disadvantage to being a famous child

My research is talking about disadvantage to being famous child actors; if you want to famous child actors you must know they were many problems that will face you. According to some source that I was reading, they were some child actors who became famous from small ages and they were successful. But most of the time there were something bad happen for him. They were a lot of thing make their life in dangerous .when some child actors have a conference with important actors; they were many people take this chance to kidnap child actors. After that they want ransom to give your children back .also, maybe they will do bad things for child actors like sexual harassment. In this time you are not sure if they will return your children back. Other problems some child actors leave school early but it’s not common now. From here the important things that everyone knows it, the child actors have Abad lifestyle. They missed their childhood, they started to get scared easily from all things, and they don’t want something bad happen for him. When they became teenagers, they want to have a leisure time they started to try drugs. From here they will start they have a bad lifestyle. For example “Healy Joel osment flipped his car in July 2006 because he was under the influence of alcohol and in possession of marijuana.

Louts Feet

                 As everyone knows beauty is in the eye of the beholder. But in each count beauty is different than other country. Today I’m going to tell you about special thing, that is kind of beauty in china. The mother starts to bend the girl leg when she became four or five years old. They told their girl they must afford the pain for many years to have the gold leg. Louts feet it’s named like that rate to louts flower that was importing thing if they want to get married I should be small leg not like the other women leg. The mothers start to disguise his girl to bend them leg. The bend all the leg finger, but the bigger one they should to bend it. Then they put the leg in small shoes. Every day they change the bandage in the summer the smell f leg became so bad because of blood .in each time they changes the bandage they must bend it stranger than the first one. It makes a big pain for small child, also it changes the shape or design of the leg and it makes the girl suffer all his life. Some women they can’t walk they should rent someone who carry them. The most important thing that the men can’t sees his women leg. But know the chine’s people know what the dangerous of this thing and they didn’t do it. In my opinion, I don’t like this thing and if it’s rule in my culture I don’t want to get married

complaining about a problem

 Maryam alshibli

10402 koheller drive,westrun APT ,morgantown

June 16 ,2014


Dear gold A teacher,


 How are you? i hope you  are fine. I have a lot of problem that face me in the summer and it will face me  summer 2. First, each class so far than other class that still fine rather now, but in summer 2 it will be difficult to walk too much because we are fasting that thing in our religion. That mean we can’t drink or eat anything at the morning and the weather so hot, I hope you can make the class close to each other. Second, I think we don’t have time to review all things that we studied, the summer too short and we have a lot of quizzes. I hope you can make schedule that we don’t have more than to quizzes in one day because we need to get score but in the same time we can’t review all thing that we studied. Third, we need to spend more time in writing class because we studied so fast and they were something that’s not clear for us berceuse the summer course is too short. Also, in other class like reading we need more time to learn from novel, we don’t want just read without learning vocabulary or improve our reading. Because the summer so short we can’t do a lot of thing .i hope you can make the summer course long or you make reduce what we studied. Finally, I’m sure that you can help us to figure this problem and I hope you have solution help us in the summer.



Best Regard


My summer in morgantown3

This week is the special week in summer. I start to schedule my time to make a lot of thing. First, I try to do something special. I read story and I watch films in the TV. I spent a lot of my time in chatting. Also, I talk to my family and I tell him about all things that I do it. Second, I start to learn how to cook? , I cook special for my lunch but it was spicy lunch. the weather was wonderful I liked , when I see this weather I can’t stay at the home because of that I tell my brother we need to visit another special place in Morgantown. I take a lot of photo in this place, I see some duck and they were amazing. They have special color and the swim with him duckling. In the same time they were dogs bark all time. The dogs make feel scary and nervous. I don’t know what I will do; I think the dogs were angry. Then I didn’t care about him. Today is the special day in the weekend; it is the fun day l hangout with one girl that I didn’t see him since I go back to Oman. We take lunch and we went to sit behind the river. Finally, when we want to leave the river, it starts to rain. We see one man with his dogs; he tries to train them how to swim. They were amazing thing.

Financial goals

Everyone in this life has to do something makes him special in him own life. From we were child, we start to plane for our life. Each one has dream, they want to achieve it. When we became teenagers, we start to achieve our goals. In my own life, I have a lot of goals I want to achieve it.

First of all, when I finished high school. I start to achieve my goals. My first goals that I achieve it, I got scholarship to study in USA. From here I start to plan for my future. After I gradate from the IEP, I will attach WVU. Next, I will start to study my major and when I finish studying. I want to graduate from my major with a high rate. I want to go back to my country and get job. Then, I want to complete my high study in another country. I want to get high status in my job. From her I will start to achieve my high goals, I will start to spend my money; maybe I will get married maybe not. I will try to think about that after I establish   myself. After that, I want to find treatment for the dangerous disease and I will establish charity to help this people by my money.

Finally, I will spend some of this money to save my life. I want to make sure that I can contain help myself and help other people. Also, I want to achieve a special goal that I want to travel around the world.

MY Summer In Morgantown 2

This week was different in Morgantown. They were many events happen for me. I think this week was bad week, but all most time I must be optimistic and I should say its good week. First one day from this week, after the literature class I waited the bus, I was listening to some thing in my phone. While that, they were a lot of American people wait the bus. Then one girl took to me but I didn’t hear what she says, I think she was asked me about the bus. After I take off my head phones. I say for the girl ‘what?” and she was walking .I never see like this girl, she was cursing me, she say some rude word about Arab people and I surprised in the same time I got shocked. I want to cry because that my first time, I see someone who talk to me by this rue way. Then I just try to ignore what happen, but I didn’t know why she does that thing. I never meet her and I never talk to her. In the same time I thought I meet a lot of American people, they were respect other people. I hope I never meet or see like this girl. Second, in this week I was sick that make me tired all most time in this week and I try to do something special. Today I try to learn how to cook; I hope I can cook as soon as possible. Finally, I try to schedule my time with my brother time because I need to hang out with his and I want to visit something special, natural place in Morgantown.

My Personality


                   Any one has different personality than other people. In this entire world you can’t find tow person have same qualities. Maybe you can find one qualities in the tow person, but the other qualities is different. Some people have positive qualities, other people have negative qualities. If I see myself, I have both of them. I’m gifted, imaginative and optimistic theism some of my positive qualities.


               First of all, I’m gifted. I can do more than one thing in the same time. For example, I can talk to my family, in the same time I can talk to another person, or study, or cook. I think that not difficult for women to do it. Secondly , I’m imaginative person , that’s fun sometime but I think it’s good qualities for me because it make me keep going in my own life . Third, I’m optimistic person. I try to tell myself I can do it , there is nothing difficult in my life then I challenge myself to make the thing good and it became goo all most time. This qualities all most time I use it with other person like my friend because I can’t see any one sad or has a problem and I can’t help them. I try to make him feel optimistic by saying ” I know you can do it, all thing became right don’t worry …etc”. Next, I have some negative qualities, one of them is I’m so difficult. I can’t persuade with anyone just I do what I think it’s right .Some people say “I’m egotistical but I don’t think I’m egotistical.


             Finally, I have one more qualities I think it’s between the positive and negative qualities. I’m so sensitive but I don’t show this for all person, I became weak and crying a lot when someone say something bad for me. I think it’s bad because I need to be strong .I hope I can change the negative qualities because I want to be platonic person.

Summer in Morgantown

       Summer in Morgantown means all things green, it means still raining and the weather is nice. In the first of the summer, I was in my country. When I arrive to Washington DC airport, I was tiring from the long trip and there was many people in the line inspects by police. When I finish this thing, I went to bring my bag and there was a lot of dog. I think the police train theme to check the bag and they were crazy. I feel scared because they came to run around me, also I was alone without anyone in this time and I have problem, I can’t carry my bag they were so heavy. After that I get help from American people, when they saw they said “Do you need help?” I said” yes”, I feel thankful because they help me to carry my bag. Then I meet Arabic girl who had problem with police and she didn’t had American line phone. She needs to talk to her family because she can’t go over the airport if her family didn’t come. She try to talk with me first I feel scared, but then I give her my phone to talk to her family and she was thankful because there is someone help her. In this time I feel happy because I don’t have any problem and I can help other. After these entire events, I meet my brother he came to take me from the airport and I was so happy to meet him. Then  I went to Morganton with him, I was tired but when I saw the green in all place , flowers , I feel so happy I get  a  new energy  and I look for him I said ” THE LIFE IS CAME back”. I arrive at night because before I went with him and hangout. I try a special Arabic food, it was so tasty, delicious and their smell is making me feel better. In the morning , I went to the IEP and I see my class .In the first of the week I was busy , because  we start to stud and I have a lot of thing that I need to finish it in the home. At the end of the week I told my brother I need to visit something special in Morgantown and we start to schedule our time. Then  he take me to high king , when you see this place you just want to contemplate the place and  In these place we start to walk in the forest . Also I hear bird pip and I listen to roar water fall that makes me feel comfortable and I went to see him. It was a wonderful place and also I make barbecuing in this place, it was delicious. Finally, my routine in the summer still boring, start from the morning I get up early, I take shower, drink coffee, prepare for the IEP and went to IEP. But if I have a long weekend in the summer I will try to visit another place.