Mohammad Sadeq

Child stars and society

Every one in this world has some dreams, and they want those dreams to become real. Some people have an unusual dream such as being famous and become a movie star. Some times this fame starts from an early and young age, as we see in the movies and TV shows now a days there a lot of children that became famous at very young age, but it is not an easy way to be like them, especially at that age because you must be talented and know how to act perfectly like them. This kind of fame has its advantages and disadvantages too. But I strongly believe that they shouldn’t become famous at that age because it has a lot of risks, also it is hard to survive in that life.
The advantages of this life are many, such as having a lot of money so they can buy whatever they want to buy, having a lot of job opportunities in the future and traveling around the world to shoot their movies, films or TV shows. But all of that is not important as the real life, the life of being with your family and friends. Also finishing the studies to have a great job that is comfortable. However it has also some disadvantages which I think its more important than the advantages, such as missing a lot of school days, which means missing a lot of lessons and classes and you need they need those because they are the key to the real life and future. Also it may lead to problems between the family members too, especially from the financial side.
In conclusion, This life has its own good and bad things, but I thinks its not that necessary to become famous at that age because it will be a hard life and it may lead to some problems.

Comparing and discussing about fashion

Hi everyone, my name is Mohammad Sadeq and my partner’s name is Ali Buabbas and we will compare about our fashion tastes and styles. Both of us have our own taste with the clothes or generally the style.

We will talk about the clothes that we love to wear. In my own taste I like to wear the bright colored clothes that can attract attention everywhere such as bright blue, green, orange and yellow t-shirts with a shoe that is the same color of the t-shirt. Also my favourite thing is the sunglass I like to wear those too, especially if the sun is to strong and I usually wears snap pack if my hair not tidy at the morning after waking up from the bed to go to the university. On the other hand, Ali is quit different; he likes to wear expensive clothes such as Armani and Hackett. Also he doesn’t love to wear bright colors, he prefers to wear dark one, like dark blue, black and purple. He also likes to wear sunglasses like me. So we are not quit the same with clothes that we wear. However there are some things that we both like, such as tattoos and we will have one soon. Also the shoes taste is the same, we both like to wear running shoes because they are comfortable.

In Conclusion, there are differences between each person and each one loves what he thinks is comfortable or looking good on him.

Beauty in USA

There are many types and kinds of different cultures around the world. Each of those cultures defines the beauty in their own way or style. In this specific subject I will talk about how the beauty is defined in the United States of America.

First, I will talk about the girls in the US and how they try to make them selves beautiful to attract attention in the public places. There are many kinds of girls think that the beauty must be to wear something over or to put over makeup but that is not the meaning of beauty, such as many girls in the United States are putting over makeup even in the morning and also some of them wear very high heals that they can’t even walk with it. On the other hand there are also girls that know about the style and they wear very nice clothes, such as short skirts in the summer or some bright colored clothes that attract attention to them. Also most of them are painting their hairs with nice colors.

Second, are the boys in this country. The boys are not that quit good with the fashion but they are trying their best there and one of the main styles that boys love in the US is the skateboarders style, such as wearing a snap packs on their heads and a skinny jeans with skateboard shoes. Also some of them wears some earrings and putting tattoes all over their bodies.

In the end, every country has its own definition of beauty and sometimes that could be pretends on their culture too, because as I said at the first there are many and different cultures in the world.

Complaining about a problem

Dear Gold A teachers,


How are you all I hope that you are doing great.  I am sending you this letter to inform you that I have some kind of problems in the Intensive English Program and I should solve them as soon as possible because summer two is getting near.

First problem is the writing class, I don’t know how to divide the whole essay on two weeks as you taught us that we should write the introduction on the first week then the  other week we should write only the body paragraphs and the third week we write the conclusion. For me it is a little bit problem because I can’t do that technique, It is easier to write a whole essay at the same day or two maximum, because all the ideas are coming at the same moment when we are writing about a specific subject or title.

Second, I have a problem with my speaking skills too. When I try to speak with others outside the campus especially the US citizens I don’t know how to use the tense very well and sometimes I spell the words wrong. So what should I do to get rid of this kind of problem?

In the end, I have some suggestions for the IEP such as using another placement test because it is very easy to every one and that doesn’t grade the student’s English. Also to put the classes only on the morning such as from 8:00 am to 1:00 pm because we have another life outside the campus and a lot of important things to do.


Best regards,

Mohammad Sadeq

My summer in Morgantown 3

Before two days I had an full day orientation for the Fall 2014 because I have an acceptance from West Virginia University. My orientation started on 7:00 am and the meeting was in the Mountainlair. Also there were lots of high school students there and they all came for the same reason.

At first, the organizers took us to the information office and gave us bags that contains a lot of important things that we need for the orientation such as the campus map, a guide, note book, t-shirt, free lunch ticket and a pen. Then they called us and took us to the Armstrong Hall to do the QRA test, which is a math placement test. The QRA was two sections, the first one is about Basic Algebra and the second was about Calculus. Each section contains twenty-five questions and they were multipul choice. Every student should pass at least one section because if they don’t pass they will take a workshop that has no credits. It was a hard test and unfortunately I didn’t pass it but I have another chance to do it again before the beginning of the fall semester.

After that we went to a big hall and we met the University’s president and he welcomed us to the WVU. Then every student met the international advisor and registered classes for the first semester. At the end we went back to the Mountainlair to have some free lunch.

It was a great experience that I had that day, although I didn’t pass the QRA test. This is what I have done on this week of the summer and I hope that I will pass the test next time.

Explaining my financial goals

Everyone in this world has his own goals and wants to achieve them as soon as possible. They are like a dreams and everyone wants to make that dreams come true but they must work hard to to transfer those imaginary dreams into reality.

Personally, I have a lot of goals that I want to achieve because they are very important to me. My First goal is to have a Bachelor degree in the field of the Mechanical Engineering. It was my dream since I have started high school and I worked hard to get a great grade that allowed me to enter the engineering field. Now I have an acceptance from West Virginia University and I will start on this fall 2014. Also I will work hard to accomplish that goal and I feel it’s near to me. My second goal is to have a sport car after I finish the university. Since I was a little kid I have been playing with cars toys and video games. So I am that kind who loves cars , especially sports,racing and super cars. So I will buy one after my graduation from the university. My third and last goal is to be a professional parkour/free running player. I’ve started my parkour career on 2011 but I’ve got a lot of injuries since that year , but those injuries will not stop me and I will be better than before. I am always training almost everyday so I hope that I will master this sport soon.

In conclusion, setting goals is the first step to achieve them and never give up your goals no matter how far or hard they are. So set your goals high, and don’t stop till you get there.

My summer in Morgantown 2

Last week me and my friends went to many places and also we discovered new places here in Morgantown. We have rented a small boat and went down to the river. My friend is an expert with the boats and he sailed us in that river and we also swam too, the water was a little bit cold but we had a lot of fun there.

Aslo we went to the university’s gym which called the “REC CENTER” , it is an awesome place to train and it’s for free you can enter with your own ID card , but if you does not have one you can also enter by paying only ten dollars. The gym had almost everything but it is very crowded. We went also to the airport because our friend has graduated from the Engineering college and we went to say goodbye to him.

The most interesting place was the cinema. It is cheaper than my country’s cinema and it has a varaiety with films because almost every new movie was there. We have watched a film called “Neighbors” and it was very funny. Also discovered a new pit store in Morgantown and I bought a tiny little cat.

This was almost everything that I did in this week and I hope that to know Morgantown better and better. Although it is a small town but its very great and you can have in it.

My Personality

My name is Mohammad Sadeq from Kuwait that located in the middle east and I’ve completed 19 last week. I think that there are a lot of kinds of personalities and they are different from person to another. These personalities are describing and reflecting the behavior of each individual in this world .

When someone asks me about what personality do I have I will answer him immediately. I am a friendly person that who loves to make friendships with other people especially with people from different countries to learn about their culture , religion and their society. Also I’m a smart and I use my smartness when I study to make my dream of being a Mechanical Engineer come true in the near future . Sometimes people think that I am an pessimistic person , but actually I’m not. I always say these two words in my mind ” Stay Positive ” each time I have a difficulty in my life , so I am always trying to be an optimistic person. Also my friends think that I’m a little bit serious and yes I am that kind of person. They always laugh at me because I am taking the study seriously. Personally I think that everyone should take it seriously because you aren’t playing and having fun in the school or the university , you are studying ! and it will be the key that should unlock your own future. Also I am a very helpful person that loves to help people that they are in a very hard situation.

So I’m a friendly, smart, optimistic, serious and helpful person and this is the summary of my personality and what kind or type of persons that I am.


My summer in Morgantown

I have been in Morgantown for two weeks and it is my first time to visit the United States in my life. I came to Morgantown to complete my acadamic studies in West Virginia University as soon as possible.

When I came to this small town I felt sad , but now I almost know everything in it and I think I am in love with this small unknown city. last week I have entered the IEP although I had the University acceptance but I have entered it to improve my english skills a little bit because I need to know how to use my english in the right way such as using academic words ,essays and taking notes to prepare my self  before the fall semester . Also I went to some places in Morgantown such as restaurants ,gyms and malls. The best place in my own opinion is the Rec center near the Engineering campus ,It’s a very big gym that contains almost every thing like rock climbing, cardio machines ,basketball and weight lifting. There are also a lot of cars agencies the I went to before two days to find a car for my self .

So this is the summery of what I did in Morgantown this summer. I didn’t do things as much as the others because it is my first course here but I think I will love Morgan more and more by the time.