Takeru Abe

My favorite Holiday

In Japan, there are a lot of holidays such as Christmas, Children’s day, and New year’s day. My favorite holiday is the New year’s day because we can eat Osechi as Japanese traditional foods. In Japan, we have a custom that we eat a traditional food. Each traditional foods have meaning.

First, Kazunoko which is egg of herring means that posterity thrives. Long time age, there are a lot of farmhouse. People wanted a lot of children, especially male, because the young man have a big power to help their parents who are farmers. As a result, nowadays, Kazunoko is eaten as traditional food.

Second, Datemaki is made by egg, and it tastes so sweet. Long time ago, there is a shogun (a military commander), Masamune Date. The name of Datemaki derives from him. In addition, Datemaki means gorgeous life because he likes gorgeous things. In another hypothesis, the shape of Datemaki is like a Makimono which is a roll book written about important things. Therefore, Datemaki means successful academic results.

In the New year’s day, I can feel traditional Japanese life by eating Osechi. Thus, I like that holiday.

Newest Headphone

The headphone which named MOMENTUM has innovative systems. The headphone has durability and comfort. Its ear pad is not only comfortable feeling, but also can enjoy listening the music in the noisy place. Because, the ear pad was made of high quality materials by Italy. In addition, the quality of sound of it is the extremely good. You can listen to each instrument sounds in this headphone such as guitar sound, base sound, drums sound, and vocal sound. Moreover, high quality transducer must give you clear and rich sound. Furthermore, it is lighter than conventional headphones. Therefore, we can use it long time without feeling tired. MOMENTUM must not fail short of expectations of you.

Me and my Zodiac

I was born in 1990. According to Chinese Zodiac, I am the horse. And, my animal sign said “popular, outgoing, and cheerful. You are a real people person. Sometimes you are too talkative.” I completely disagree with my Zodiac, because I am not popular, not outgoing, and not cheerful. My personality is absolutely opposite side. I do not like to talk to people, and I do not expect too much from other people, because everybody lies. I do not trust anybody. I have a lot of negative thinking, so my zodiac is inappropriate for me.

In my country, people think the horse is smart, loyal, and active. Sometimes, the horses are used as racehorses. They even become food such as Basashi which is raw meat of horse. In general, horses are not for pets, because they are so big that we cannot have them in our house.

Blog Reflection

Today, our technology is very developed. Therefore, a computer and internet service is used in a lot of situations. Of course, schools also use them. We used the blog in writing class and communication class. I think it has both advantages and disadvantages. I think using blog is very convenient for the teachers to check our assignments. In addition, we can learn to use the computer, and we can practice typing. Furthermore, I can see other student’s blog. It is very good point because I can get other opinion, and I can learn other feeling and ideas by other’s blogs. However, I think if internet service does not work in my house, I cannot use the blog. I have to do blog assignments in the school or library. It is too messy. Moreover, computer sometimes occur a bug. Then, I cannot do blog assignments. As a result, there are good and bad points.

Research findings

My topic is the Junk Food Tax. I found some research about obesity, tax, and disease. As a result, I could learn something. First, in fact, junk food tax is enforced by some countries such as Denmark. I did not know that it exists. Second, I could lean the ranking of obese country. No.1 is, of course, America, No.2 is China, No.3 is India, No.4 is Russia, No.5 is Brazil, No.6 is Mexico, No.7 is Egypt, No.8 is Germany, No.9 is Pakistan, No.10 is Indonesia. I was surprised that China is second obese country. Third, I could learn that the unhealthy food give us bad effect. For instance, you may have high blood pressure, and you may get hurt disease. It is dangerous things. If you continue to eat unhealthy food, you maybe die. I think each government in the world should impose the tax, and the government should save the nations.

Takeru And Ali

There are variety of fashion styles in the world. Fashion styles are different between each countries and also generations. I think observing someone’s fashion styles is interesting, because fashion is one of self-assertiveness. Today, I compare the two students, I and Ali. I am Japanese, but Ali is Arabic. We grew in different culture. How do we have difference or similarity?

We had several similarity on each fashion styles. I wore the shoes of sports brand, Nike. Similarly, Ali wore sports brand’s shoes, Puma. In addition, we have same hair color although we are from different country. However, hair styles are different. I understood that there are some similar points among different culture. On the other hand, there are a lot of different points about fashion styles. Ali wore sports pants, but I wore jeans. Ali wore T-shirts, but I wore button-shirts. Ali had beard, but I don’t.

In conclusion, there are similarity and difference between Ali and me. I think Ali tend to prefer more comfortable clothes than me.

Dear teachers

Dear Gold A teachers:


These day, I have several worries about English. First, about my speaking, I can read, listen, and write English on some level. However, I cannot speak English very well. I want to talk with friends or someone in English, but I cannot response soon when you talk to me. I have had a feeling of frustration since I come to Morgantown. When can I speak English? I always think about it. Second, I have to get five hundreds point at the TOEFL because I want to go to WVU. And I have to get this score in summer semester because I cannot have extra money. I worry whether I can get the score. I like structure section comparatively, but I do not like listening and reading sections. Therefore, I want to speak with native English speaker and practice my listening and speaking skills. And, I practice to read a book as fast as I can because I usually cannot finish reading section. I thought I should study background about academic reading when I took the TOEFL, because there are a lot of academic contents in the reading section such as history, geography, chemistry, biology, and other studies. Thus, I usually should read a book about academic contents. I will make an effort to achieve my goals.


Best regard,

Takeru Abe

Music in Morgantown

A lot of Japanese believe in no religious. I am also a person without religion. Therefore, I had never been to a church. On the other hand, my host family go to a church every weekend because they are Christians. I was eventually invited to a church by my host family. The church is small but neat and stylish. There are a lot of people, and a lot of chairs in front of stage. And there is a dram and piano on the stage. After a short time, some people, five women and one man, came to on the stage. Suddenly, they started to sing a song. I felt strong emotion then. What a beautiful voice of a singing is! And the dram and piano sounds are very comfortable for me. And unbelievably, the pianist was my host mother. I did not know that my host mother is wonderful pianist. The sing praised the Jesus Christ. I cannot understand the meaning of the song deeply. However, the hymn was extremely cozy for me. I could feel the American culture this day. I will stay in Morgantown for a long time, so I want to feel and learn American culture in Morgantown more and more.

Financial goal

I think there are worthy persons and straw persons in the world. Ordinary, worthy persons have moral, manner, education, and a lot of skills, and they are needed by someone. Of course the person can get money. Thus, I have plans in the future to achieve my financial goal which is to be worthy and rich person.

First of all, I have to study English because I want to enter the WVU, and I want to study biology in there. After that, I want to be a scientist. Therefore, I have to get master degree at least. If I become the scientist, I want to study regenerative medicine such as iPS cells and ES cells. I think the study is very helpful for human. For example, it has possibility that it will be able to cure cancer or an incurable disease. For this reason, now, I spend money and time for education.

Now, I cannot save up enough money because I am a student, and I do not have a job. However, if I accomplish the plans, I will be worthy and useful person. And of course, I will be able to make money. Therefore, I will have to achieve the plans.

Food in Morgantown

There are a lot of difference about food between America and Japan. I have felt the difference of food culture since I arrived at Morgantown. I went to two restaurant in Morgantown. These restaurants are so amazing for me.

First, I went to Texas which is steak house. And then, of course I ordered the steak. I was surprised that the steak was unbelievably big. In japan, if you order the steak, you can see only half of this. It was also good taste but it was too salty for me or Japanese. Suddenly, the waitress uttered some words. I didn’t know what happen is. However, I could understand, when I had continued to watch the waitress. It was celebrating someone’s birthday. And the waitress began to sing a song. I was astonished because almost all Japanese restaurant do not provide services like this. Second, I went to Yama which is Japanese food restaurant. I was surprised that there is Japanese restaurant in Morgantown. Yama’s owner is Japanese and waitress is also Japanese. I felt nostalgic as if I came back in japan. There are some Japanese comic books, CDs, and DVDs. In addition, the Yama’s Japanese food is very delicious. However, Yama’s food is also little bit salty, and big. .

As a result, I like Morgantown because there are a lot of various restaurant, and I can feel difference culture about food between America and Japan and I can feel nostalgic. It is interesting and amazing for me