Eugene Stolin

Summer in Morgantown 3

For the third summer I spend in Morgantown, and continue to be impressed and delight about local nature.Here is the stunning beauty of nature. I live in the top of hill  and every day I meet the inhabitants of the forest. For me, the urban dweller is especially gratifying and surprising. Not far from our house settled squirrel that with great curiosity watching to us and we followed her. Rabbit’s family  recently  has acquired progeny and small rabbits come to us to eat the grass on the our lawn. With what dignity and deliberation deers go out from the woods.How much grace and charm  there are in these noble animals.And it’s nice to watch the endless showdown family Cardinals, stunningly red cock and modest, beige hen. And on Saturday, face to face, I encountered a groundhog, nobody expected this meeting, but it moved first, and ran away from me with frightening speed. It saw ahead nowhere to hide, poor frightened animal dived under the car.I quietly went into the house allowing the beast go quietly about their  groundhog’s business. I can not call it a culture shock but it’s awesome  and I really like this neighborhood.

My summer in Morgantown 2

At Sunday, we went to the Arabic restaurant.It was awful. No, it was every lovely and wonderful, there were international team, three Russian, one American and  one Japanese. We had very sweet communion. We discussed on various topics, but the food was terrible. In general, the food in the US wishes  much the best. Surprisingly, eating much but nothing to eat. Unfortunately, this situation I have met   in  a different parts of US, showy advertising, not bad an interior, helpful waiters and absolutely uneatable food. I have visited some restaurant in Morgantown and  in none of them I didn’t met dishes for which I wanted to come back in this place. I don’t make a worship of food , but at restaurant we go to eat. I travel quite a lot, but it’s not a long stay in another country, may be couple weeks, but no matter where I was, always an acquaintance with the cuisine of other countries made ​​me a lot of interest, and rarely when I was disappointed. I love to cook and, of course, my family mainly eats homemade food, but sometimes you want changes and new impressions. And very sad to realize that in the  city, where, the past three years, I spend a quarter of a year, I can’t find  a place where I can  eat well. Maybe I’m   looking for badly?

Pessimistic realists

I think it is very rough division on pessimistic and optimistic. There are many different colors in the world, not only black and white,  people in various situation  behave differently. And because pessimist is well informed optimist  I consider myself a rather pessimistic realists. I am imaginative man, but very structured. At times I may be moody, especially when I  idle.  I am a good team player, because I try to keep balance within the team. But sometimes I become a tyrant boss  or father, when situation needs it.   I am not easygoing, but I am very friendly. I very different, as all the other people.

My summer in Morgantown

This is my third visit in Morgantown and how nice to see that nothing to change, everything is still and quietly. Instead of Moscow, where everybody ran, fuss and feel nervous. In Moscow nervousness is in the air. There I can feel pacification and measured of life. Nevertheless something changes in my life, in this summer I live separate from my daughter and it is new experience for me. Two summers I was parent with all responsibility, but now she is independent person, and it is strange for me sometimes. Definitely, this feelings experience all parents when they understand their child is grown up and he doesn’t need more care concern from his parents. And the other hand, I have much free time for myself. In this summer I am full student and I could choose elective subject. I have chosen Critical Thinking by Katie Mehle. In this class we discuss some things, that haven’t unique solution. We give different view on one topic and it’s very interesting to see how young people from the different countries, with different cultures and manners give same opinion on actual questions. In this summer I also could choose Business English, and this class is very important to me, because it is really need for my job.