Hussam Abulail

Government System

There are a lot of governments systems around the world. In my country we have president who can do anything he wants. All the regulation in his hand, he can come up with a new low anytime he wants without asking any Political institution. So we can consider this system Dictatorial System. No one likes this kind of system because no one wants to be a slave for his president. Before I leave Syria I was not know more than this system, but when I came to here I surprised from the government system in USA. They depend on Democracy System. After what I see here I think is one of the most important government system in the world for many reason. The most important one is when the president wants to govern the people he has to be fair. Here all the people are equal no matter what your religion is, where you from are or what your political view is. People can say anything they want if they follow the low. Also persons can express their filling about anything they want. So that I prefer this system for those reason and I hope if my country can apply this system in the future.

MY Future

Every successful person has his goals in his life. Actually I hope if I will become one of those persons because I’m trying to put my long goals and short goals. First of all, I’m 19 years old I have came to USA for six months. I didn’t come by accident; I came to here after a long think and plan. So when I was 16 years old I put my short goals to arrive to the long once. I planned to improve my English language before I came to here as much as I can. After that I came to here and my language was better than before. Now I’m studying English in IEP I will graduate in August then I will get into West Virginia University. I’m going to study Mechanical Engineer. After that I’m planned to get a business Certificate it will help me in my work. Then I will work in USA for two years to get some experience. Because my main goal is working for my uncle in UAE, he has a big company there so that I chose this major. At last I will work maybe one year before marriage to save some money and buy a car and house.

My opinion in blog

Blog assignment, I think it is good and modern idea to teach writing way, it helps us to improve our English too, about my feeling I think it is boring but it still useful and it depend about the topic which we write, the topics which discuss it in this summer it was not very bad, maybe we can discuss better topic next time, in my opinion the topics have to be more complex and harder to make the student use sophisticated words, I suggest talk about political, Scientific, and Literature topics that will give us a big amount of words during short period and it will give us a background about Toefl topics because it is very hard, also the topics which we talk about it doesn’t give us advantage to know what will come in the Toefl, and a lot of students in IEP want talk Toefl and go to university. In the other hand simple topic give us a chance to fix our grammar mistake because we cannot jump to hard level before to learn the easy one, about me I learn some new things in three weeks that consider good for me but I think I can learn more than some if we choice better and more topics.

Last week in Morgantown

About last week in Morgantown it was good, I did a lot of things and activates with my cousins, first of the week it was boring because we have to study. Monday it is the most boring day in the week because we start it in IEP after weekend, and return to study but it is good to see your friends after the weekend. About the rest of week it is the same routine, Friday was different and it was the best day in this week in the morning of it, we went to university and take three classes it were so fast, then we went to mosque. After that the most important part it is came we decided go to Kennywood it is fantastic place we have a lot of fun there, actually this is the first time I have been there, I advice all IEP student go to there you will have a lot of things to do especially if you have a lot of friends, but summer in Morgantown still boring epically with study if you want have a fun in summer try to go out Morgantown there are a lot of good place in USA. I hope the next week will be better than the previous one.

coming to USA

Sometimes in our life maybe an event can be change it. For me came to USA was this event, in my life I never thought I will come to here. I came to here in winter January, it was hard to me at first because I left my country and came to new country with different culture, actually at first it was hard to adapt with that because you do not know how people think?, I saw weird actions from people but after two months I adapted with that and it is became normal for me, one of the worst thing I was suffering from it, the weather, because it was so cold and a lot of snow, every day it was snowing, but in summer it became better, about the study, I was in Blue B then after three months I became in Gold A, I found a big different between them, Gold A is so difficult and you have to work a lot special it is in summer and no one like to study in summer but for me I have to do that because I want go to university at August and start studying Mechanical Engineering, so for me it is awful and boring summer, I do not like it and I hope to finish quickly.