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Government Systems_Saif_Alabeedi

In my opinion, any government has democratic system will be successful because many reason. Democratic system  gives people who live in this country freedom .Almost of the people want freedom because the freedom allows to them say their opinion.Moreover, democratic system respect people who say their opinion. Democratic government cares about the people with their problems,and it tries to offer best living for them. Democratic system gives freedom of speech to the people .They can say any thing and  they can object any things by freedom. In addition, democratic government director their country according to the people’s needed and it shares any things with the people. In fact, people who live in democratic government feel that they can live as they want to live. For example some of the countries around the world director by dictatorial system.People who live in these country  they feel they do not have rights .Also, they suffer of the injustice and they can not say any things .They have to keep silent if they feel satisfaction or not . Almost of the people try to migrate another country because they think they will find their rights in another country even it is not their country .All in all, any government is looking for develop they will choose democratic system.

My 10 Year Plan_Saif Alabeedi

Hay every one…

At the beginning, i would like to talk about my 10 Year plan. i am planning to have a decent good paying job so i can effort a good life for my family. By that time i will be at my 40, so i should achieve  something  in my life. As many know 40 is the middle age and the life is not easy or like what we planned to have, life is hard. People should have a high degree so they can compete on the job market. During this period of time i must finished  my Masters degree and maybe if i have the chance i might take PHD degree. Back home i have 6 Years of experience  and i worked in several company, so i know how its hard to have a good job. After 10 Years i should have my Owen home and having my dream luxury car. I am dreaming already with the life i should have and that keeps my going on the right path. Finally hopping and determination nothing is possible. Keep trying never gave up on your dreams, believe  on your self, See and read about the people ho can achieve there dreams and straggle throw, that should  give you hope.

My summer in Morgantown 2 ( Saif Alabeedi)

In my next post I would like to talk about Morgantown. I start to love it it’s have something I still don’t figure it out. I started to imagine my self when I will start my masters program in the university. Morgantown in my opinion is suitable for students life, it’s so quite and beautiful with studying Atmosphere . I found the faculty so cooperative with the students. The people in this city are so friendly and helpful and always smiling. I just want to say I start’s to fall in love with Morgantown . There is a lot of activity you can do her especially if you love the nature as like as rock climbing, water rafting and camping.

what makes Morgantown so special her location easy to travel in the weekends as in example Pittsburg . I just can wait to explore this city they say a lot of interesting things about this city, it’s worth to visit. I can say studying her will teach me so many things ,in particular like new culture new friends new language it’s an amazing journey it will be for me full of excitement and mystery.

Fainly I just want to say, I just can not wait to start my big journey in West Virginia university .

My Summer In Morgantown

Today , I would like to talk about my first summer in Morgantown .

when I first arrived to Morgantown I a have been amazed by the green hills and great mountains . I loved the nature here and I can not wait to explor it .

i loved I-hop restaurant , in my opinion they serv the best breakfast ever.

I think the Amircan food will make you fat because it’s delicious especially the grill the ribs the stak .

In addition to my passion for music . I wish to attend a live music concert for Cilien Dion or Brayn Adams I love a lot singers that I love to attend for thim . Ho knows maybe one day I will .

befor I came to Morgantown I visited three countries because I was in my honeymoon . First country was Spain I went to barcarole . It was hot and humid but it was so beautiful . I was in a hotel in the famous street it called La Rambla, and every morning there is historical fruit market called La Boqueria all kind of Fresh juice and all kind of fruit you could imagine . I can say I did not get enough from barcarole .

the second country was Franc ,I went to Paris . This city I can describe it in to words elegant and full of art in all kinds .

The last country was the United State of Amirca ,First city was NewYork .When I reach the time square I was chocked . I attend pradway show and I visited the central park coperfiled center finally prooklin brigd .

Finally I went to Morgantown to prepare for the college .