Abdullah Alawadhi

the bear arms

In my opinion, The best type of rule in United state of America government  is the right to bear arms in the general is to have a gun. The government put this rule to the people while the US came a country because there is no army in these time to protect them self from other army. It helps the farmers and the family to defense them self from the criminal or if there someone try to attack them even if they human or animals. It is deferent from our country, that we can’t use any type of weapon. And it is not legal if you get a weapon except in one way if your work in the police. That will let the thief’s and the criminal attacked you any time and you can not do any thing. And if you wait to the police the thief will run away. I wish that our government let us can keep a gun to protect our self.  So like what i say the best way to protect your self and your family is to let you can keep a gun in your house. that what i think is the best rule the government put.

after 10 years

Every buddy in the earth want to be in a good place in there job and life. To be in a good place you must work in your life. That what I am working for to be in a good place after ten years. I’m studying in the university in USA Morgantown to be an petroleum engineer in my country. And that will take from me 5 years. And after I get my major, I will go bake to my country

and try to get a gob in KOC it is the petroleum company in my country. And that step one and it is the big step to be in a good engineering. And after I get the gob i will try to work hard to get a promotion in three year. And that step two to be an important engineer in the company. And after that i hop to get in a big project that it will help me to be and a good and important engineering in the company just like my uncles and my grandfather’s from my father and from my mother. And in the same time i want to build my own family and my own house and I want to be a good father. That what I hop to be after ten year and this is my plan to be an a good engineering and a good father. And like my father said to me if you work hard you will get every thing you want.

My feeling about the blog

In my opinion the blog is good program for the student. I think that the blog help the student with a lot of things. But there is some thing that effect the student some time. It help the student with writing paragraphs. And if they writs a lot they will used to write without problem. And it’s help with the spelling for some of the student. And some time it help some time with grammar. And the idea the it must done before 12 o’clock in friday is a good idea to let the student be in time. And it helps us to not be shy and to share story with other student. That will show you your mistake and your friend will help you with that by putting cement about your paragraph. And that will help you a lot in your writing. That the best way to improve your writing. But when we talk about the effects that happened to the student from the blog that they must have a rest in the week end. That they have homework and the blog that they have extra work in the weekend not time to take a rest. That what I feel about the blog.

My last summer was so special for me. In that summer I spend all my time with my family. In that summer I did a lot of trips. My first trip was to Failaka it is a island in Kuwait that it have a lot of ancient artifacts from the the Iraqis war and some of the old building. Altho it have a good beaches to swim there. I camp with my family in this island for four days it was a good trip because I was with my family we get every thing we need. but the next week I went with my friend to the farm. It was a bad idea to go with them that they forgot to bring the food with them that we go back to our homes in the first day. After this day before I go with them i cheek every thing. In the next day we came bake to the farm and we have every thin we need. In the farm we played saucer, we ride a horse and we had BBQ. After this two week I get my driving license. After one day I traveled to KSA by the car with my cousin. we went to our family they live in KSA. And after KSA we went to Dubai also by car. It really interesting travailing by car but you will get very tired because it took hours or day’s . That was my last summer.

The summer in Morgantown is really nyse the wither is beautiful that it is not very hot and it is not very cold it is warm. The nature is really beautiful the green surround all the tone and the flawier every were. Some time it’s rain not like our country it’s dose not rain ever in the summer. And it’s not crowded like the foul or winter. And in the night you can go to the downtown. For my self I will spend my time playing video games and watching movies. And if you like watching movies there is a cinema there. And you can do BBQ party it will be from the best part you have ever do. If you are in Morgantown you will enjoy the real life in the summer and enjoy the real nature.