Musleh Al Ahbabi

My opinion of the blogs

First of all , the blog assignment help me to told my stories in Morgantown that I want to share it with everybody in my class and there are some people they have many events that they want to share it with us but they can’t because they feel shy , So using blogger help them to giving us what they have by wrote there stories as a blog and send it to us without facing any kind of shame .
However , in the past it was hard to me to organize my thoughts because I have confused with this point but now I have learned how to organize my ideas and put them in one paragraph without any helps from other people . Also , I was have problem with spelling because when I wrote in papers I couldn’t know if my spelling is correct or not , now with typing in my laptop to create my blogs I have been learning a lot of correct spelling words and I will keep going with this way to improve my spelling more and more .
In the end , I have been enjoying while I read my friends blogs because that gave me an idea how they thinking or how their lives look like , and that will help me to understand my classmates more than before because now I know more things about them .

My Summer In Morgantown 2

Last weekend I went to Pittsburgh with my friends Ayed and Mohammed to do our IELTS test in Point Back University , we chose a MegaBus to get there which is took one hour and half to be in Pittsburgh .
First of all , we arrived in our hotel ( Westren ) at 2 AM which it located near of the place of our test , then i paid more to get waterbed because I want to try it when I was a child .
Next day morning , we went to the place test late , and we were afraid that they won’t allowed us to join to this test but when we arrived I talked to them and I explained what happened to us then they accepted us to joining to the test .
To the people how don’t know what IELTS test is , it’s a test that assesses your English language to allowed you to pass to the university that you applied to start your bachelor or master .
After that we went back to the hotel to get a rest after long hard test , then we went to Salem Halal restaurant to eat the lunch , and I recommend to all of the Pittsburgh visitors to visit this beautiful restaurant .
Then we met our friends in the Pittsburgh Downtown to shopping together and all of us know that Pittsburgh have many kinds of shops and a lot of choices to buy .
After long day in Pittsburgh we went With our friend Ali in his car to Morgantown , and I was so upset because I didn’t do well in my test . However the results will be out next Friday .

My last weekend trip

Last weekend I went to Washington DC with my friends Zayed and Abdullah to discover this beautiful city, we chose MegaBus to get there which is took three hours and half to be in Washington DC.

First of all , we arrived in our hotel ( Georgetown hotel ) at midnight which located in special place ( M street ) ; why is it special because there are many markets and coffees you can visit there , and they have many Arabic restaurants for example Mancheeze and Zanoobya . In next day we started our trip with a delicious breakfast in PUAL then we took a tour with BigBus Company around Washington DC, first place that we have visited is the White House and we got a million pictures with it.

The second place is Madame Tussauds which is a museum that they present many famous characters around US for example Obama and George Washington, it was a georgics museum that I have seen it ever. After that we went to the lake which is located in front of the White House and we hired a small boat to get a tour over the beautiful lake. Then we got back to M Street to eat dinner in Mancheeze restaurant because they serve a delicious food in Arabian way. Then we started a shopping time with M Street markets where you can find many things to buy there, one of my best shop I have found it there is Apple store, I was so happy when I saw it because I’m one of the apple users. Also I didn’t forget the gifts that I have to bring with me to my friends in Morgantown.

After long day in DC we went to our hotel to get a deep sleep because we are going back to Morgantown in the next day morning.